Honda GCV 160 Maintenance Guide

powerstroke-pressure-washer-gcv160Honda’s GCV 160 can be found in everything from pressure washers to lawn mowers, but whatever your motor is powering, it still requires the same maintenance. Here’s what you need to know to keep your Honda small engine running reliably for years to come.

Maintenance Schedule

Before each use: Check the air cleaner and the oil level.
First month or 5 hours of operation: Change the oil.
Every season or 25 hours: Clean the air cleaner
Every season or 50 hours: Change the oil, check the spark plug, and inspect the flywheel brake pad.
Every 100 hours: Check the blade, brake, clutch, and spark arrester (if equipped.)
Every 200 hours: Replace the air cleaner and spark plug.
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Choosing the Right Honda Generator

generatorNeed a generator? Honda’s reliable engines, automatic power control and high-quality components make their generators a great choice. Which Honda generator should you buy, though?

That depends on how and where you’ll use it.

Which Kind of Generator Do I Need?

Honda divides their generator lines into industrial, recreational and home use. These are the main differences between the models:

  • EU-i Series recreational generators are designed to be portable.
  • EU Series RV generators are designed to be quiet.
  • EM and EG Series home generators are built to run several hours on each tank of fuel.
  • EB Series industrial generators have GFCI outlets for ground fault protection.

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Honda Water Pumps Comparison Guide

Honda Water Pumps

Honda offers consumers and businesses a wide selection of water pumps for many different applications. Their pumps come with several different designations as to the type of work that each pump is designed to do. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know about the Honda water pump line.
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How to Troubleshoot Your Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower

Honda HS720AMIf you own a Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower and have been experiencing trouble with your equipment, here are a few suggestions that will get your snow thrower running smoothly again.

When Your Electric Starter Won’t Operate

This may be due to a faulty power outlet. Try using a different outlet, or start the engine using the recoil starter. If the problem is with the electrical cord, replace it immediately, or use the recoil starter to start the engine.

When Your Starter Operates But The Engine Won’t Start

This may be caused by not switching on your engine switch or fuel valve. Take a moment to ensure that both are properly switched to the “on” position.  If the fuel you are using has gone stale, drain your carburetor and replace it with fresh fuel.
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Service Guide for Honda HS720AM Series Snow Throwers

Honda HS720AM Series Snow Throwers

Few things are more important to snow thrower ownership than regular service and preventative maintenance. Luckily, most of these tasks can be performed at home on a regular basis, according to maintenance schedule requirements and careful guidelines for each required service item. The HS720AM series of snow throwers comes with a helpful, included instruction manual that clarifies everything from basic safety precautions to maintenance procedures, the timing of each service interval, and what’s required to keep this powerful and helpful piece of equipment in like-new condition for many years after purchase. A quick review of these guidelines makes it even easier to tackle winter storms with efficiency.
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Fuel System Tips for a Honda HRR216PKA Mower


Having problems with your Honda HRR216PKA mower? It might be the fuel: it’s the most overlooked part of maintaining small engine equipment, yet it’s also the source of the most common problems. Here’s what you need to know to maintain the fuel system on your Honda from day-to-day operation to long term storage.

Buying and Storing Fuel

The engine in the HRR216PKA is designed to use automotive unleaded gasoline. This fuel should contain no more than 10% ethanol (E10.) Why? Ethanol is very hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water. Fuel with higher concentrations of alcohol will gather water from the air at a rate that can make the fuel hard to ignite. Over time, this moisture can cause corrosion of the fuel system.
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How to Troubleshoot Your Honda Trimmer

Honda HHT TrimmerHonda enjoys a reputation as one of the most durable, highest-quality trimmer manufacturers for a reason: For decades, the company’s products have required minimal maintenance and have been shown to be more resilient even in challenging conditions. Even so, these trimmers can’t avoid some of the most common reasons for engine problems or headaches when first starting the trimmer. For the rare occasion when the Honda trimmer experiences problems and needs a quick remedy, equipment owners can benefit from a few quick, effective troubleshooting tips for any common headache. Continue reading

Honda Trimmer Service Guide

Honda TrimmerEnsuring a long life for any piece of power equipment means committing to regular, preventive maintenance that ensures the quality of everything from fuel filters to throttle cables. Most of these maintenance procedures and checks are detailed extensively in the Honda trimmer’s operator manual, which covers the required parts, necessary procedures, and the mandatory service intervals that assure a high-quality trimmer for many years to come. By following this schedule and taking a proactive approach to regular maintenance, operators will be less likely to suffer from serious malfunctions, engine problems, and even the need to purchase a full replacement for their Honda model. Continue reading

Honda Trimmer Operation Guide

Honda TrimmerGetting started with any new piece of equipment often means taking a moment to learn about its controls and how to safety start and stop the equipment in typical landscaping scenarios. The Honda trimmer is no different. Those who recently purchased one of the company’s trimmers, or those who simply need a brief refresher on how to properly start, operate, and stop the trimmer, can benefit from following a few simple guidelines and step-by-step approaches to their trimming needs all around the home. Continue reading

Honda Snowblower Offseason Storage Tips

Honda HS621While most snowblower owners are relieved to own the equipment on a particularly stormy and snowy day, they’re even more relieved when warmer weather permits them to put the snowblower back in the garage and move on to more enjoyable parts of the year. Even so, that excitement shouldn’t cause snowblower owners to forget the significant importance of conducting pre-storage maintenance. Whether it’s an inspection of the equipment, parts replacement, or things like fuel maintenance and lubrication, this preventative maintenance will help reduce costs, extend the snowblower’s useful life, and make it easier to get started when temperatures cool off once again. Continue reading