Honda HS720 Snow Thrower Operation Guide

Honda HS 720Safely operating a Honda HS720 snow thrower typically means learning a great deal about its controls, features, and operational procedures. New equipment owners can benefit a great deal from reading the snow thrower’s instruction manual, complete with illustrated, step-by-step procedures. In addition to the instruction manual, a few helpful tips and tricks can make snow thrower ownership and operation easier for both new owners and those who have long enjoyed the benefits of Honda equipment. Continue reading

How to Protect Yourself When Using a HS720 Snow Thrower

Honda HS 720The Honda HS720 snow thrower is a powerful piece of equipment, which makes it an asset for homeowners who routinely have to clear away deep snow accumulations. The power used for clearing snow can also cause serious, long-term injuries if operators don’t operate the equipment safely from start to finish. In order to avoid injury and enjoy only the safe convenience of the HS720, operators should follow a few basic guidelines and tips that will keep them safe as the snow thrower powers through snow drifts, deep snow, and even icy buildups around the home. Continue reading

Setup Guide for Honda HS720 Snow Throwers

Honda HS 720The Honda HS720 snow thrower is powerful and efficient during use, and it brings these same characteristics to the setup and assembly procedure required of new equipment owners. The snow thrower comes mostly assembled when it arrives, but adjustments will need to be made so that the handle, chute, and engine can all work well throughout the winter season. Before getting started, be aware of a few helpful tips and steps that will make setup easier. Continue reading

Maintenance Tips for Honda HS1335i Snowblowers

Honda_HS1336IASThe best way to maximize the long-term value of a Honda HS1335i snow blower is to complete routine maintenance that will keep each of its parts in excellent condition. Honda’s instruction manual provides a comprehensive look at suggested maintenance intervals and the steps to complete each major task, but many equipment owners can also benefit from a few helpful tips as they perform maintenance throughout the winter. From first-time snow blower owners to seasoned professionals, there are a few key pieces of information that can make snow blower ownership easier and more enjoyable over the long-term. Continue reading