Winter Prep Guide for Honda HS720 Series Snow Throwers

Honda HS 720As homeowners prepare their lawn mower for storage and break out the leaf blowers, there is at least one other piece of equipment that needs to be ready for colder days ahead: the snowblower. The season’s first major snowfall can pop up without much notice, and will typically require pretty intensive cleanup around the home’s walkways and driveways. A properly serviced snowblower is the best way to welcome this first wintry event and to be prepared for all of the snow that’s sure to fall in the weeks and months to come. From oil changes to spark plug testing, auger, scraper, and other key parts, homeowners should cover the basics of pre-season maintenance before putting their snowblower to work for the first time this winter. Continue reading

HRR216 Troubleshooting Guide

Honda HRR 216Though they’re among the most durable push mowers on the market, Honda’s mowers do sometimes suffer from a few technical hurdles that need to be resolved before, during, or after mowing. These common problems are usually pretty easy to fix, sometimes with a quick adjustment or a replacement part. Before assuming the worst and calling a local service center for repair services, be sure to review the most common mower problems and the easiest ways to resolve them at home. Continue reading

How to Service Your Honda HRR216 Push Mower

Honda HRR 216Getting acquainted with the Honda HRR216 push mower not only means mastering its controls, but also mastering the maintenance requirements that will keep the equipment in great condition for years, or even decades, to come. Proper maintenance ensures that the engine is running smoothly and efficiently, and it allows things like the grass bag and filters to be in excellent condition throughout the year so that any mowing performed looks professional and precise. Here’s what new mower owners need to know about HRR216 maintenance. Continue reading

Honda HRR216 Operation Guide

Honda HRR 216The key to maximizing a mower’s features and longevity is to understand exactly how the equipment works and how to properly operate it around the home. Because every mower is different, even those homeowners who aren’t new to mowing could probably benefit from a few tips, tricks, and helpful steps for their new Honda HRR216 lawn mower. Before getting started, consider these basic ways of operating and handling the mower on the turf and in other areas outside. Continue reading

Getting Started with Your Honda HRR216

Honda HRR 216 Mower The Honda HRR216 mower is a powerful new way to keep the home’s outdoor spaces perfectly maintained and looking as if they were cared for by a professional. As with all new pieces of power equipment, however, this impressive Honda mower requires proper setup, a bit of safety guidance, and requires operators to have a bit of basic operational knowledge before they safely use the mower for the first time. Before getting started, here’s what to know. Continue reading