How to Troubleshoot Your Honda HS720 Snow Thrower

Honda HS 720The Honda HS720 snowblower features durable materials and a dependable design geared toward the typical homeowner, but that doesn’t mean the equipment is immune from some common problems and troubleshooting headaches. Whether it’s due to a bit of required maintenance or a mere operator oversight, common problems include a nonfunctioning electric starter, snow discharge issues, and problems with the snowblower’s auger. Though these problems are certainly frustrating, they’re typically easy to diagnose and resolve either at home or with the help of an authorized Honda service technician. Before assuming the worst, review the most common issues facing HS720 snowblower owners and the resolutions to each problem. Continue reading

Winter Prep Guide for Honda HS720 Series Snow Throwers

Honda HS 720As homeowners prepare their lawn mower for storage and break out the leaf blowers, there is at least one other piece of equipment that needs to be ready for colder days ahead: the snowblower. The season’s first major snowfall can pop up without much notice, and will typically require pretty intensive cleanup around the home’s walkways and driveways. A properly serviced snowblower is the best way to welcome this first wintry event and to be prepared for all of the snow that’s sure to fall in the weeks and months to come. From oil changes to spark plug testing, auger, scraper, and other key parts, homeowners should cover the basics of pre-season maintenance before putting their snowblower to work for the first time this winter. Continue reading