Troubleshooting Guide for a HRR216PKA Mower

HRR2168PKA Honda Mower
Having trouble with your Honda HRR216PKA? This guide will help you solve common problems owners experience with this mower.

Identifying Your Mower

When looking to order parts or having your mower serviced, it helps to have the serial numbers on hand in case Honda made running changes to this model. The engine serial number is located on the right side, just below the flywheel cover. The frame serial number is printed on a sticker located on the left side, next to where the grass bag attaches.

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Honda HRR vs HRX Mower Comparison

Honda HRR LawnmowerBecause it’s quite a bit smaller than the average home riding mower, the push mower has been perceived by many homeowners as lacking in key features and advantages that riding models traditionally offer. Many riding mowers offer electric start, cruise control, and other features for enhanced comfort that greatly benefit homeowners by making the mowing process just a bit easier during the summer months. For Honda customers, though, buying a walk behind mower is no compromise. With its innovative HRR and HRX series of mowers, the company adds many popular riding mower features to the mix for those who prefer a smaller, more compact walk behind mower. There are few compromises to be found in these models, plenty of power to be enjoyed, and a much easier mowing experience that will last for years to come for today’s buyers. Continue reading

Honda Residential Use Generator Selection Guide

Honda GeneratorChoosing a generator for the home is no easy task, with a wide variety of models that differ in wattage, run time, size, and portability. Homeowners typically have at least a few great options to choose from when selecting Honda as their brand of choice, with generators that can light up the whole house or provide electric current only to the most essential parts of the home, like HVAC systems and security monitoring systems. Continue reading

How to Replace Your Honda Lawnmower Belt

To keep your lawnmower running at peak performance, regular maintenance on your Honda lawnmower is essential. Changing the belt on your lawnmower is one of these regular maintenance procedures. The first time you replace your Honda lawnmower belt, may be a little daunting. However, with the proper tools and information, this maintenance procedure is easy to do yourself, even for the most inexperienced mechanic. Continue reading