Troubleshooting Guide for a HRR216PKA Mower

HRR2168PKA Honda Mower
Having trouble with your Honda HRR216PKA? This guide will help you solve common problems owners experience with this mower.

Identifying Your Mower

When looking to order parts or having your mower serviced, it helps to have the serial numbers on hand in case Honda made running changes to this model. The engine serial number is located on the right side, just below the flywheel cover. The frame serial number is printed on a sticker located on the left side, next to where the grass bag attaches.

Power Loss at High Altitudes

If this mower will be used at an altitude over 5,000 feet (1,500 meters,) it should be taken to a dealer so that the carburetor can be adjusted. Power at higher altitudes will be lower due to the decreased amount of oxygen available, but a re-tuned eninge will still produce more power than a factory-tuned engine at these heights. Keep in mind that a modified engine will run too lean at lower altitudes, which could cause internal damage. Have the mower re-tuned to factory specs if it will be used closer to sea level.

Engine Won’t Start

Blade control not engaged: Hold down the lever, located at the top of the handlebar. Letting go of the lever will immediately shut off the engine.

Fuel valve is off: The valve is located on the left side of the engine next to the air filter. The knob should run parallel to the fuel line.

Out of fuel: Add more fuel to the gas tank.

Bad fuel: Replace it with fresh fuel. Fuel used in this mower should be no more than 60 days old unless treated with a stabilizer, and it should contain no more than 10% ethanol or 5% methanol.

Spark plug: Replace the plug if it shows any sign of damage to the insulator or electrodes. Set the gap to 0.028-0.031 in (0.7-0.8 mm.)

Fuel filter, carburetor, ignition or other issues: Have the mower serviced by a dealer.

Loss of Power

Grass is too tall: Adjust the wheels to raise the cutting height. Try mowing slower. If mulching, switch to bagging or side discharge. If this is a persistent issue, try mowing more often.

Deck is clogged: Clean out the deck. Shut off the engine and tilt the mower onto its right side. Washing the deck with a pressure washer is fine as long as water doesn’t get into the air filter, exhaust, cables or controls.

Air filter is clogged: Shut off the engine and remove the filter cover, located on the right side of the engine. Knock the filter against a hard surface to remove excess dirt. If the filter is damaged, replace it. Reinstall the filter.

Bad fuel: Replace it with fresh fuel. Fuel used in this mower should be no more than 60 days old unless treated with a stabilizer, and it should contain no more than 10% ethanol or 5% methanol.

Other issues: Have the mower looked at by a dealership.


Grass and debris lodged in deck: Shut off the mower and tilt it onto its right side. Remove anything that might be getting in the way of the blades or that has wrapped around the blade spindle.

Blades loose: Tighten the bolts. Both blades must be in place, and each bolt should have a directional washer. Torque the bolts to 36-43 ft-lbs. (49-59 N m.)

Other issues, including damaged blades or a bent crankshaft: Have the mower serviced by a dealer.

Other Mowing and Bagging Issues

Mower is moving too fast to cut properly: Move slower.

Cut is uneven: Check the height adjustment levers on each wheel. They should all be set to the same position.

Grass bag clogged: Remove the grass bag and wash it. Air must be able to flow through the bag to capture clippings correctly. Always empty the bag before it’s more than 90% full.

Mower deck is clogged: Clean the mower deck.

Blades dull, worn or damaged: Sharpen or replace the blades.

Wrong blades installed: Install the correct blades for this mower. Both blades must be installed for the mower to function correctly.

Where to Buy Genuine Honda OEM Parts Online

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