How to Properly Store Your Honda HRR216PKA Lawn Mower

Honda_hrr216pka_leftHow you store your HRR216PKA Lawn Mower can be just as important as how you use it. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure your Honda will be ready for the next mowing season.

Safety Disclaimer

The muffler on this mower has a catalyst to burn off any fuel that leaves the engine. That means it can stay hot for a long time after the engine has been shut off. Let it cool completely before working on the mower or putting it in storage.

Always wear gloves when working around the blade to prevent cuts.


Turn the fuel valve to “OFF,” and keep the mower level when loading to prevent fuel and oil seepage; if the mower has to be lifted, it’s best to do this with two people to keep from tilting the deck.

The mower should be kept level, the wheels should be blocked, and the deck tied down with ropes or straps that don’t cross over the controls, cables or carburetor.


How the fuel should be dealt with depend on how long the mower will be stored. Remember that under any circumstances, fuel older than 60 days should not be used unless it was treated with a fuel stabilizer.

If the mower will only be stored three to four weeks, turn the fuel valve off and fill the tank to prevent moisture build-up. Start the engine and let it run until it shuts off to remove any remaining fuel in the carburetor. This usually takes about three minutes.

If the mower will be stored for one to three months, fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel treated with a fuel stabilizer. Run the engine for 10 minutes to ensure this treated fuel is running through the fuel line. Turn off the fuel valve and let the engine run until it shuts off to clear out the carburetor.

If the mower will be stored for more than three months, let the engine run until the carburetor and fuel tank are completely empty. Even treated fuel will become unusable after being stored this long.


Change the oil, then add some additional oil to the combustion chamber to prevent rust. To do this, remove the spark plug and pour a teaspoon (5 cc) of oil into the spark plug hole. Reinstall the plug. Set the mower back on its wheels and pull the starter rope slowly until resistance is felt: this is enough to circulate the oil inside the cylinder.


Deck: Stop the engine if it is running and set the fuel valve to “OFF.” Turn the mower so it is resting on its right side: this keeps the carburetor above the fuel tank so it won’t be flooded. Spraying water on the inside of the deck is fine as long as it doesn’t get in the controls, cables, air filter or muffler.

Engine: As with washing the deck, avoid getting in the controls, cables, air filter or muffler. Since these parts are next to the motor, it should be cleaned by hand.

Grass bag: Remove the bag from the mower and wash it with a hose or pressure washer. Let it dry completely before storying.

Drying: Once the engine and deck are clean, wipe off any accessible surfaces. Start the engine and let it run until it comes up to temperature to evaporate any remaining water. Shut off the engine and let it cool, touch up any damaged paint and apply a light oil to cables and other parts that may rust during storage.

Folding the Handlebar

To fold the handlebar, remove the grass bag if it’s still attached. Turn the knobs at the base of the bar 90 degrees to release the locating pins, then fold the bar forward, taking care not to pinch the cable. The grass bag can be stored on top of the motor so long as the opening is facing the front.

Storage Location

If the mower will be stored with fuel in the tank or carburetor, it must be kept in a well ventilated area free of ignition sources such as pilot lights and sparks to prevent the build up and ignition of fuel vapors.

The mower should be kept level to prevent seepage of oil and fuel. Covering the mower will keep out dust, but this cover should be breathable: using a plastic sheet can trap moisture, promoting rust.

Removing from Storage

When unfolding the handlebar, make sure to lock the adjust knobs back in place. From there, the mower can be operated normally, going through the same checks you would do before each use. It’s normal for the exhaust to be smoky until the oil put in the combustion chamber before storage has burnt off.

Where to Buy Honda Mower Parts

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