Honda HRR vs HRX Mower Comparison

Honda HRR LawnmowerBecause it’s quite a bit smaller than the average home riding mower, the push mower has been perceived by many homeowners as lacking in key features and advantages that riding models traditionally offer. Many riding mowers offer electric start, cruise control, and other features for enhanced comfort that greatly benefit homeowners by making the mowing process just a bit easier during the summer months. For Honda customers, though, buying a walk behind mower is no compromise. With its innovative HRR and HRX series of mowers, the company adds many popular riding mower features to the mix for those who prefer a smaller, more compact walk behind mower. There are few compromises to be found in these models, plenty of power to be enjoyed, and a much easier mowing experience that will last for years to come for today’s buyers.

Similarities: Where the HRR and HRX Models Align

Honda’s lineup of mowers, whether residential or commercial, riding models or push models, has always been segmented into entry-level, mid-range, and more advanced series. That’s true of the HRR and HRX series, as well. While the HRX is the company’s premium line, and the HRR is solidly mid-range, both of these models agree on certain features and power ratings that make them an asset for homeowners throughout the spring and summer months.

Both models come with Honda’s innovative MicroCut twin blade system. These twin blades represent a commitment to consistent, smooth cutting that ensures the long-term health of the lawn and guarantees better uniformity during and after the mowing process. Both mowers pair this MicroCut twin blade system with a mulching process that turns clippings into a fine, nutrient-rich mulch. This leads to greener lawns all summer long, and ensures that clippings are being used in a logical way that benefits the lawn and reduces overall mower maintenance and the otherwise big hassle of dumping or discarding clippings contained in a bag.

Both the HRX and HRR series of mowers offer a few models that come with self-propelled functionality. It’s worth noting, though, that while all of the HRX mowers are equipped with self-propulsion, only the higher-end HRR models come with this feature. Even so, self-propelled mower operation makes tacking steep grades and larger lawns a great deal easier than it otherwise would be with a push mower. The HRX series, especially, offers the best method of self-propelled operation and consistent speed with a bevy of unique owner luxuries.

Examining the Differences: Where the HRR and HRX Diverge

While there are plenty of similarities between these two key walk behind mower models, their feature lists make it pretty evident that the HRX is indeed the premium offering for Honda buyers. The HRX series comes with a cruise control option on its highest-end models, the HRX217HYA and HRX217HZA. While both models feature mulching and discharge options, only the HRX series comes with a four-in-one feature that provides for bagging, mulching, discharge or leaf shredding. The HRR simply does not offer leaf shredding. This additional feature means that the Honda HRX series can last well into autumn, cleaning up fallen leaves and allowing a lawn to be greener for a longer period of time.

The high-end HRX217HZA and HRX217VLA models also come with push-button electric start, a feature that virtually all homeowners will prefer over the traditional rip-cord engine ignition process most often found on walk behind mowers. In the case of the HRX217VLA, the electric start feature is self-charging and thus makes it highly unlikely that mower owners will need to plug the mower into a wall outlet during or after a typical mowing job around the home.

Both Mowers Offer Great Features for New Buyers and Experienced Homeowners

Both the Honda HRX and Honda HRR walk behind mower series offer consumers a great commitment to both an aesthetically pleasing lawn as well as one that is healthy throughout the summer months and into autumn. While the high-end HRX series offers a number of premium features, like electric start and cruise control, the HRR series is a solid option for those homeowners who are looking for a bargain without sacrificing key features that their lawn requires. With both models offering the MicroCut system, as well as self-propulsion for larger lawns and steeper inclines, these mowers can be trusted to get the job done with the same convenience and comfort levels as their riding mower counterparts. Can Help with the Choice Between the HRX and HRR

With decades of experience in the power equipment industry, offers a wealth of knowledge when it comes to deciding between these two key walk behind mower models offered by Honda. The company is also committed to timely maintenance and service, as well as a large selection of OEM parts that will keep each mower running smoothly well into the future. The site offers an easy to use online parts lookup tool, which enables the user to easily locate, order and ship parts directly.

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