Introducing the Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower

Honda MiimoFor years, homeowners have benefited from a large and growing industry full of robotic appliances that handle everyday tasks. Perhaps the best example of this is the plethora of robotic vacuum cleaners that take care of carpeted indoor areas and even some hardwood installations. Outdoors, though, things have been far less robotic and automated. That is, of course, until now. Honda recently unveiled its Miimo robot lawn mower, the result of years of research, trial, and error. The Miimo took center stage at the Honda Classic, one of the major PGA Tour events, in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Attendees were treated to an on-site demonstration of the Miimo, getting an up-close look at its innovative features and unique operation. Continue reading

Maintaining Your Honda HRX Mower

Honda HRXHonda markets its mowers as being “very smart,” and sells the HRX lineup as one of the higher-end walk behind models available to consumers. Even so, these smart and advanced mowers still require regular maintenance throughout the warmer months of the year in order to ensure that all of the mower’s blades, moving parts, and lubricants, can perform efficiently and deliver a consistent, uniform cut during every lawn mowing task. From oil changes to new blades and clean air filters, active maintenance of a Honda HRX series lawn mower will result in the best performance all summer long and well into autumn. Continue reading

Maintaining Your HRR Lawn Mower

Honda HRR LawnmowerThe best way to make sure that a Honda HRR series lawn mower stays in great condition all summer long, and for many years in the future, is to follow a number of regular maintenance routines and guidelines that will keep the engine lubricated, ensure that gasoline is being used efficiently, and make sure that the blades and spark plugs perform their respective tasks with ease. Luckily for HRR owners, this maintenance is universally easy to complete and requires only a few moments of time immediately before, or a short while after, mowing the lawn. From oil changes to blade replacements, be sure to keep up with all recommended maintenance and service as recommended in the HRR series owner’s manual. Continue reading

Honda Commercial Use Generator Selection Guide

Honda Commercial GeneratorChoosing a commercial generator can be a pretty vexing process for today’s commercial and industrial business owners. Generators come in a number of different sizes and wattage ratings, with some providing 120V current and others offering a hybrid of both 120V and 240V. The specification lists can be confusing and all too similar, making a decision difficult to come by. Continue reading