Introducing the Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower

Honda MiimoFor years, homeowners have benefited from a large and growing industry full of robotic appliances that handle everyday tasks. Perhaps the best example of this is the plethora of robotic vacuum cleaners that take care of carpeted indoor areas and even some hardwood installations. Outdoors, though, things have been far less robotic and automated. That is, of course, until now. Honda recently unveiled its Miimo robot lawn mower, the result of years of research, trial, and error. The Miimo took center stage at the Honda Classic, one of the major PGA Tour events, in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Attendees were treated to an on-site demonstration of the Miimo, getting an up-close look at its innovative features and unique operation.

An Innovative Approach to Mowing: Random Cutting, and Less of It

Despite the appeal of grass that appears turf-like after a fresh cut, many people in the industry have worked that cutting grass to such short lengths can actually damage the blades, leading to less dense lawn coverage and causing other issues that might reduce the overall appearance of the lawn in the long-term. Those people have called for more frequent mowing jobs that take less height from the grass overall. This is an approach that Honda has embraced with its innovative Miimo robotic lawn mower.

Instead of cutting the lawn to turf-style heights once per week, the robotic mower actually cuts the lawn between .08 inches and .11 inches shorter than its original height. That’s a significant departure from many current, traditional mowers, which can remove several inches from the lawn at any given time. The Miimo compensates for longer blades of grass by cutting them more often, sometimes twice or three times per week. That gives the lawn a uniform appearance with longer, healthier blades of grass that will benefit homeowners in the long run.

In addition to this innovative cutting approach and the more frequent mowing schedule, Honda’s Miimo robotic mower also cuts the lawn in random patterns each time it sets out to trim the grass. This random cutting helps the lawn grow back fuller and healthier each time, rather than pushing it consistently in one direction all summer and causing the grass to be less dense, and maybe even damaged. All told, the mower’s automatic operation is backed by techniques and technologies that ensure a healthier, more robust, more consistent lawn overall.

Staying in Bounds: How the Miimo Avoids Mowing the Driveway, Sidewalk, or Street

Without the proper controls, a robotic lawn mower would soon find itself attempting the cut the grass in the middle of the street, on a home’s walkways, or even in a nearby walkway. That’s why Honda has developed its unique boundary wire system, which actually keeps the mower in bounds by giving it a sense of space and proximity. The wire essentially transmits a boundary line to the Miimo robotic mower, causing the mower to turn around and go in the other direction in order to continue mowing effectively. While Honda recommends that this cable be installed underneath the ground for maximum utility and longevity, the company also sells a variant of this boundary cable that can be installed above ground for easier, more instant operation of the mower.

While the boundary cables are a great way to keep the mower’s blades on task in the lawn, they’re not the only way that Honda has given the device the capability to sense obstacles and correct its own course. In addition to the its sensing of either in-ground or above-ground boundary wires, the Miimo comes with a 360-degree impact sensor that can alert the device if it hits a flower bed boundary, a tree in the yard, or some other object that simply doesn’t need to be conquered and mowed.

When the mower encounters such an obstacle, an impulse is transmitted from these sensors to the internal computer components that are key to the mower’s operation. It then turns around or goes off in a different direction, maintaining its random mowing pattern while avoiding the obstacle throughout the rest of the task. It’s similar to impact and object sensors found on indoor robotic vacuum cleaners, and it’s a key way for Honda to avoid any damage that might befall its robotic mower otherwise.

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