Servicing Your Honda HS928 Snowblower

Honda HS928Although Honda snow blowers are designed to last for a very long time, they still require regular maintenance to ensure that key parts are working safely and efficiently. Honda’s instruction manual comes with a full guide dedicated to routine maintenance throughout the winter season, but a few basic tips and hints can also guide equipment owners in the right direction. Continue reading

Honda Snow Blower Accessories

Honda 621 SnowblowerHonda has a range of snow blowers to fit most needs, from small snow throwers that can clear driveways to big track-driven blowers that can tackle hills and snowbanks.
However, there’s sometimes a particular problem that these stock units don’t solve.
That’s why the company offers accessories that can address these issues while retaining their products’ trademark durability. Whether you need to work in tight spaces, handle snow drifts or just want to be more comfortable when getting the job done, Honda has you covered. Continue reading

How to Pick the Right Honda Snowblower

Honda 621 SnowblowerYou’ve decided to get a Honda snowblower, no doubt because of their reputation for high quality and industry-leading engine design. It also doesn’t hurt that anything you might need for your future purchase is available at That just leaves one question: Which one? There’s more to consider than just price. Some models are better suited for driveways, others for rough terrain and still others for major jobs. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your driveway clear or you’re buying something for a business, Honda has a machine that will be perfect for your needs. Continue reading

Maintenance Tips for Honda HS522 Snowblowers

Honda HS 622Most homeowners understand that a snow blower represents a significant initial investment that will help them with winter cleanup in the long-term. The best way to maximize this investment, aside from using it after every major snowfall, is to conduct periodic maintenance that keeps all of the snow blower’s parts in excellent condition. Honda has made this very easy for owners of its HS522 snow blowers. Inside each instruction manual is a maintenance schedule, which shows exactly when to perform each maintenance task. Along with some helpful tips for the snow blower’s most crucial parts, this represents the best way to maximize a snow blower’s safety, dependability, and long-term utility. Continue reading

Honda HS50 Snowblower Operation Tips

Honda HS 520Honda Power Equipment has a reputation for providing the homeowner with exceptional machines that improve the snow blowing experience. The HS50 is no exception. The HS50 single-cylinder engine displaces 200 cubic centimeters and puts out 5 horsepower at 1,800 revolutions per minute driving models on wheels or tracks. Fuel tank capacity is 3.5 liters (0.92 gallons), enough for more than two hours of continuous operation. Maximum snow-blowing distance is nearly 40 feet, and snow-clearing capacity is more than 20 tons per hour. Continue reading