HS50 Snow Blower Maintenance Guide

Honda Power EquipmentAs an owner of the HS50 Snow Blower, maintenance is crucial in protecting the equipment’s longevity. Here are some key areas that will assist owners of this model.

Safety Disclaimer

The snow blower will work effectively as long as it is used appropriately as described in the owner’s manual. It is important to note that misuse of the snow blower could result in serious injury or death. When operating or doing maintenance on the snow blower, please make sure children are not close or near the equipment. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, never turn the snow blower on indoors;. Before operating the snow blower,remove all debris including sticks, rocks from the pathway. These will become projectiles or jam the auger of the snow blower. If the snow blower hits an object during operation or something becomes trapped, turn the snow blower off immediately. If it needs to be transported, keep the snow blower leveled and secured to prevent gas spillage. Lastly, do not operate the snow blower while it is snowing, due to danger of low visibility and snow getting into the fuel tank, which can lead to engine damage.

Maintenance schedule

Between uses and seasons, the snow blower will need maintenance to ensure that it can operate safely and functionally as designed. Owners should be able to identify all of the main parts of the snow blower, including: the clutch, fuel cap, chute, shift lever, wheel, and auger. It is strongly advised that maintenance occur in different stages: before using the snow blower for plowing, before storing the snow blower, and at each five year mark. If the snow blower is being used daily or throughout the season, there are a different set of routine maintenance requirements, versus between seasons of each year per the owner’s manual.


The HS50 Snow Blower comes with a tool kit that includes spark plug wrench, wrench handle, 14 x 10 mm wrench, 14 x 12mm wrench, and a tool bag for the tools. Keeping this tool bag easily accessible with the owner’s manual is highly recommended for routine maintenance.

Engine Oil

The oil needs to be checked prior to each time the snow blower is operated. The snow blower must be in a level position to get an accurate reading. Use the owner’s manual to determine the recommended oil for the snowblower. When checking the engine oil after use, make sure that the engine is turned off and it has been given time to cool.

Spark Plug

Over time, small debris or particles may become logged around or near the spark plug. This will interfere with its ability to be properly gapped. After taking off the spark plug cap, use the spark plug wrench to take remove the spark plug. Check the spark plug for cracks or chips, as it would need immediate replacement. Using a feeler gauge, measure the gap of the spark plug. It should measure between 0.6mm to 0.7mm. If the gap is larger use the side electrode to adjust to the suggested measurements. Place spark plug back making sure it is snug and secure.

Track Adjustments

Some snow blowers have mobility using a tracking system instead of wheels. The tracking system will need to be checked every year prior to that season’s first operation. In order to check the tracks, tilt the snow blower to ensure that the track does not divert from its neutral position along the crawler. If adjustment is needed, use a wrench to loosen the bolts and move the wheel in to the correct deflected position on the track. Once the correct deflection is reached, retighten the bolts.

Basic Troubleshooting

If the engine will not start, check the fuel, fuel valve, carburetor, engine on switch, and spark plug. If the auger or blower will not function; check the shear bolts and replace if needed. If troubleshooting is unsuccessful, take the snow blower to your local dealer.

Where to buy Honda Snow Blower Parts Online

When looking to replace parts of the Honda snow blower, it is important to know that the owner’s manual specifically states to never replace parts with anything other than Honda OEM parts. Replacing the snow blower’s parts with generic or parts of other brand names could potentially damage your snow blower or cause injury due malfunctioning issues. Visit www.hondalawnparts.com for more information about parts for the HS50 Snow Blower.

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