Repairing the Honda HRT216 Lawn Mower


Having problems with your Honda Harmony II HRT216 mower? Here’s what you need to know to fix common problems.

Engine Won’t Start

– Make sure the fuel valve, just to the right of the air filter, is on.
– Make sure the throttle is set to Choke if the engine is cold, or Fast if the engine is warm.
– Check the fuel tank. If it’s empty, add more fuel. If the fuel hasn’t been treated with a stabilizer and is more than 30 days old or has been treated and is over 90 days old, drain the fuel tank and carburetor, then fill with fresh gas.
– Check the spark plug. The gap should be set to 0.028-0.031in (0.7-0.8 mm.) If it’s wet with gas, wipe it dry and reinstall. If the electrode or insulator is damaged, replace it with a new plug.
– If the engine still won’t start, have the mower looked at by a dealer.
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