Maintenance Tips for a Honda HS1132 Snowblower

Honda_HS1332_snowblower_left_track_viewWhen it comes to making sure that the Honda HS1132 snowblower can perform powerfully and efficiently for many years to come, nothing is more important than regular maintenance. Whether it’s preventative procedures that keep the engine in top shape, or restorative processes that replace parts and maximize efficiency, maintenance is absolutely the most important aspect of power equipment ownership. Those new to Honda snowblowers or power equipment in general should keep in mind a few basic areas of concern throughout the winter and during off-season storage preparations. Continue reading

How to Operate a Honda HS1132 Snowblower

Honda_HS1332_snowblower_left_track_view For those just getting acquainted with Honda’s HS1132 snowblower, it can often seem intimidating to learn all of its functions and put it to good use. The good news, however, is that this piece of equipment is specifically designed to be user-friendly, especially in residential environments and for first-time buyers. Rather than letting early confusion win the battle, follow the guide below to learn how to turn the equipment on and start clearing snow with ease. Continue reading

Honda HS624 Snowblower Parts Guide

Honda HS 624When it comes to keeping a Honda snowblower in great shape throughout the winter season and even during summer storage, nothing is more important than having the right parts and fluids on hand for routine maintenance Whether it’s the right kind of fuel or the proper procedure for inspecting and replacing a spark plug, these crucial parts and procedures are absolutely essential when ensuring long-term snowblower durability and utility. Here’s what snowblower owners need to know in order to keep their equipment functioning at peak efficiency throughout the winter and for many years to come. Continue reading

Operation Guide for a Honda HS621 Snowblower

Honda HS621Getting started with a new Honda HS621 snowblower can seem daunting at first, with a number of controls whose function might be something of a mystery. Though initially intimidating, this snowblower is actually very easy to use as long as homeowners dedicate a brief period of time to learning about each control and how it affects the snowblower’s movement, auger, and more. For those looking to get a quick start with the HS621 and its powerful engine, here’s what to know. Continue reading