Operation Guide for a Honda HS621 Snowblower

Honda HS621Getting started with a new Honda HS621 snowblower can seem daunting at first, with a number of controls whose function might be something of a mystery. Though initially intimidating, this snowblower is actually very easy to use as long as homeowners dedicate a brief period of time to learning about each control and how it affects the snowblower’s movement, auger, and more. For those looking to get a quick start with the HS621 and its powerful engine, here’s what to know.

Stay Safe: Don’t Operate Without Proper Safety Precautions

Snowblowers are heavy-duty pieces of equipment with many moving parts and a big engine to make it all work. This means serious injury is possible if homeowners don’t follow a few basic guidelines. Before using the equipment, always check the lawn for debris and other obstructions that might cause injury. Ensure that pets, family members and friends have moved inside and away from the snowblower while work is ongoing. When using the equipment, dress appropriately for the weather and make sure to wear protective goggles that will minimize the impact of airborne snow, ice, and other objects. Always fuel, check, and start the equipment in an outdoor area that features a solid, level surface to prevent tipping, spills, and other hazards.

The Controls: A Basic Overview for Operators

Getting started with the snowblower means mastering the controls that determine whether the snowblower will move forward, clear snow, and discharge it in the proper direction. These controls are easy to locate in use, and here’s what homeowners need to know in order to get started.

– Engine Switch

Located at the top of the equipment near the operator handle, the engine switch is used to determine whether the ignition is on or off. When set to “on,” the engine can start. When set to “off,” the equipment will stop running and be ready for storage.

– AC Starter Button

The starter button is used in conjunction with the electric starter, and gets the equipment running without the use of a starter grip in most cases.

– Choke Knob

The choke knob is crucial when starting the engine. For a cold engine, the knob should be closed. A warm engine can be started with the knob in the open position.

– Fuel Valve

When set to “on,” the fuel valve will allow fuel to flow into the engine and allow the equipment to start running. When turned off, the fuel valve will stop fuel from flowing to the engine and allow the equipment to be worked on, stored, or moved without risking safety in the process.

– Chute Guide Handle

This handle determines whether snow will be thrown high and far from the equipment, or whether it will be thrown closer to the snowblower. The chute guide handle can be adjusted at any time before or during snow clearing.

– Auger Clutch Lever

When held close to the handle, this lever causes the auger to engage and start clearing snow. If released, the auger will stop and snow will not be cleared from the snowblower’s path.

– Starter Grip

Located on the side of the snowblower, the starter grip is used to start the engine if the equipment lacks an electric starter or if an included electric starter has failed to get the engine running for any reason.

A Primer on Honda Snowblower Fueling

Gasoline levels should be checked prior to each use of the equipment. If necessary, fresh fuel should be added prior to starting the snowblower. Honda recommends using only unleaded gasoline with at least an 86 octane rating. High ethanol mixes, or diesel fuels, could cause problems with the HS621.

Oil Considerations

Oil levels should be checked prior to snowblower use, and a full oil change should be done at least once or twice per season. For the best results in cold weather, Honda recommends the use of a 5W30 oil mixture.

Starting and Stopping the HS621 the Engine

To get the engine started, connect the electric starter to a wallet outlet using the included power cord and turn the engine switch to the “on” position. Open the fuel valve and, if the weather is particularly cold, close the choke knob. Next, either pull the starter grip until the engine starts or push the ignition button bundled with the included electric starter. The equipment will now turn on. Let the engine warm up and then engage the auger lever to start clearing snow. To turn the snowblower off, simply turn the engine switch off and close the fuel valve.

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