Honda HS521 Snowthrower Maintenance

Honda HS 521Like any great piece of power equipment, Honda’s HS521 snowthrower must be carefully maintained during the winter months to ensure that it functions perfectly each time there’s a bit of snow to clear. The equipment requires regular oil changes, spark plug checks and much more, as described in the included instruction manual. For those homeowners who are new to the HS521 or to snowthrower in general, there are a few key pieces of information to keep in mind as maintenance proceeds throughout the coldest months of the year. Continue reading

Getting Started with Your Honda HS621 Snowthrower

Honda 621 SnowblowerHonda’s snowthrowers are the best way to quickly clean up after a major winter storm, but learning how to use these powerful pieces of equipment can be a challenge for novice homeowners. Customers who are starting to learn about the controls and features of their HS621 snowthrower from Honda can benefit by reviewing a few basic tips concerning ignition, operation, and pre-operation checks before heading out on the snow and ice to clear away wintry precipitation. Continue reading

How to Troubleshoot Your Honda HS720 Snow Thrower

Honda HS 720The Honda HS720 snowblower features durable materials and a dependable design geared toward the typical homeowner, but that doesn’t mean the equipment is immune from some common problems and troubleshooting headaches. Whether it’s due to a bit of required maintenance or a mere operator oversight, common problems include a nonfunctioning electric starter, snow discharge issues, and problems with the snowblower’s auger. Though these problems are certainly frustrating, they’re typically easy to diagnose and resolve either at home or with the help of an authorized Honda service technician. Before assuming the worst, review the most common issues facing HS720 snowblower owners and the resolutions to each problem. Continue reading

Transport and Storage Tips for Honda HRR216

Honda HRR 216When autumn replaces summer’s hot temperatures and lawn maintenance with cooler days and outdoor cleanup, it’s likely time to prepare the lawn mower for extended storage until spring. This process is absolutely essential for ensuring the long-term durability and performance of the mower, since it protects the exterior surfaces, the blades, the engine, and other key parts. Whether it’s a bit of pre-storage cleaning, or some basic preventative maintenance before the mower is placed in its semi-permanent resting place for the winter, each of these recommendations will help to prevent corrosion and damage, ensure an easier time in the spring, and reduce the number of maintenance headaches over the long-term. Continue reading