Service Guide for Honda HS720AM Series Snow Throwers

Honda HS720AM Series Snow Throwers

Few things are more important to snow thrower ownership than regular service and preventative maintenance. Luckily, most of these tasks can be performed at home on a regular basis, according to maintenance schedule requirements and careful guidelines for each required service item. The HS720AM series of snow throwers comes with a helpful, included instruction manual that clarifies everything from basic safety precautions to maintenance procedures, the timing of each service interval, and what’s required to keep this powerful and helpful piece of equipment in like-new condition for many years after purchase. A quick review of these guidelines makes it even easier to tackle winter storms with efficiency.
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Honda Snow Blower Accessories

Honda 621 SnowblowerHonda has a range of snow blowers to fit most needs, from small snow throwers that can clear driveways to big track-driven blowers that can tackle hills and snowbanks.
However, there’s sometimes a particular problem that these stock units don’t solve.
That’s why the company offers accessories that can address these issues while retaining their products’ trademark durability. Whether you need to work in tight spaces, handle snow drifts or just want to be more comfortable when getting the job done, Honda has you covered. Continue reading

Storage Tips for Honda HS724 Snowblowers

Honda HS 724When the last of the snow melts and frequent snowblowing is replaced by concerns about getting the lawn in top shape for the coming summer season, it’s time to consider the best practices for snowblower storage. The good news is that this process, though essential, is actually quite easy. Quick fluid checks, maintenance routines and lubrication, will ensure that the snowblower stands up to storage easily, and is ready to go at a moment’s notice when winter weather makes its inevitable return.  Continue reading

How to Properly Store a Honda HS1336i Snowblower

Honda HS 1132The biggest mistake a snowblower owner can make as the temperatures warm up is to simply allow their equipment to languish in the garage without proper maintenance prior to storage. This pre-storage maintenance is an absolutely essential way to minimize the kind of damage that can arise from improper cleaning and lubrication, and it helps to stave off engine problems, corrosion, spark plug defects, and many other common maintenance headaches that would otherwise be a major issue during the winter. Instead of ignoring the snowblower in favor of warm-weather tools, make sure an extensive maintenance checklist is checked off beforehand. Continue reading

4 Key Service Tips for a Honda HS521 Snowthrower

Honda HS 521There are lots of great ways to make winter storm cleanup a bit easier, but snowblowers are easily the most effective. In order to keep this key piece of equipment functioning most efficiently, equipment owners will need to make sure that they’re engaging in regular maintenance that keeps fluids, parts, and other snowblower components in a great state of repair. For those who might be new to snowblower functionality and maintenance, there are a few key guidelines to follow and a few great resources that will make snowblower maintenance easy to accomplish from the start of winter through the first warm days of spring. Continue reading