Who Supplies Honda Parts?

Where do Honda parts come from? Ask any third grader and you’ll probably get a fair answer. From Honda.  

Okay, correct answer.  

Yet the question deserves some investigation, because an important test of an equipment brand’s value is whether you can easily get parts for the equipment. Often, the longevity of the equipment depends solely on whether a certain replacement part can be acquired.   

Honda parts packaging

So, if you own Honda equipment or a Honda engine, where do you go for parts? What distribution channels does Honda use to make their parts available?  

To get the big picture, let’s look first at how Honda sells their power equipment products.  

Overview of the Honda Distribution Network  

Honda power equipment is sold through two main channels: independent Honda dealerships and national “big-box” retailers.  

At a Honda power equipment dealership you can find a full range of services for the Honda brand. There you can browse and buy equipment and accessories. There you can get maintenance or repairs done by Honda-trained technicians.  

And there you can buy any part you may need for your Honda equipment or engine.  

Honda also sells some equipment products through national retailers such as The Home Depot and Lowe’s. These large stores form an important part of Honda’s sales strategy. They are easily accessible to many suburban areas across the country.  

The large retail stores generally offer a limited selection of Honda equipment. They may sell only one or two product categories, lawnmowers and generators for example, rather than the full array of Honda products. And although they may sell some commonly-needed replacement parts, they do not provide maintenance or repair service after the sale. 

As you can see, real interaction with the Honda brand happens at Honda dealerships. With their ability to offer ongoing customer support, Honda dealerships are key to the Honda parts distribution network.  

The Role of Honda Dealers in Parts Distribution  

Honda holds their dealers to high standards of customer service. Dealers must be able to answer any question that customers might have while shopping for equipment, and to solve any problem that might arise after the purchase.  

That includes being able to readily provide replacement parts.  

Many dealerships are staffed by people who have years of experience with Honda equipment and thus have a thorough knowledge of product iterations, systems, and components. This deep knowledge helps them to accurately identify Honda models and their corresponding parts.  

Honda dealerships also have access to Honda’s comprehensive product data. They can use detailed parts reference diagrams to identify parts assemblies, repair kits, and accessory compatibility.  

The amount of parts inventory that dealerships keep on hand varies. Some stock a large number of parts and others stock a smaller number of high-demand parts. However, all dealers can use Honda’s efficient ordering systems to source original parts for their customers at any time, directly from Honda.  

The Role of HondaLawnParts.com  

HondaLawnParts.com is owned by Shank’s Lawn Equipment, a top-tier Honda power equipment dealer with decades of experience and a large parts warehouse. The company became a pioneer in using web technologies to make Honda parts easily available online.  

HondaLawnParts.com is a key player in Honda’s parts distribution network.  

The website provides a high-quality interface for ordering parts for Honda equipment and engines. Anyone can use the site to access robust Honda parts resources from their mobile device. It has become popular among mower shops, do-it-yourself homeowners, and on-the-go landscaping teams across North America.  

In spite of supply chain challenges, HondaLawnParts.com and the rest of the Honda parts distribution network is alive and well.