Honda HS1366i Snowblower Controls & Features (Part 2 of 2)

Honda Power EquipmentIn addition to some really intuitive controls that make it easier to handle all depths of snow accumulation, the Honda HS1366i snowblower comes with some really great features that make it easier to monitor things like oil levels, charging, and much more. Many of these features are an evolution of manual systems included in older Honda snowblowers, bolstered by the decreasing size and cost of small engine computers and microprocessors. For those customers who are either new to this snowblower model, or considering purchasing the Honda HS1366i for the first time, here’s what to know about some of the most useful and intuitive new features found on this model compared to competing options sold by both Honda and its competitors. Continue reading

Honda HS1336i Snowblower Controls & Features (Part 1 of 2)

Honda Power EquipmentFor those customers new to the Honda HS1336i snowblower, getting started with the many included controls and features can seem a bit daunting at first. The good news, however, is that the company has made sure to place these controls in thoughtful, ergonomic places. Additionally, Honda has made starting and controlling the snowblower as easy as possible, with simple levers that help to start the engine, steer the equipment throughout walkways and driveways, and turn even the most challenging snowstorm into an easily managed cleanup job. Here’s a look at what each control does and why it’s essential to understand each control when getting started with the equipment. Continue reading

Honda HS724 Troubleshooting Guide

Honda HS 724Honda HS724 Troubleshooting Guide Getting the most out of Honda’s HS724 snowblower often means troubleshooting common problems due to simple mistakes or common maintenance issues. Known for their durability and dependability, even Honda’s snowblowers sometimes require a little extra attention to make sure that things like the spark plug, engine oil, and even the starter itself, can continue to function quickly and easily in the aftermath of a major winter storm. When common issues arise, be sure to check some of the most common issues mentioned below to get the equipment back on track. Continue reading

Service Tips for a Honda HS724 Snowblower (Part 2 of 2)

Honda HS 724Honda’s reputation for producing some of the most reliable snowblowers on the market is well deserved, but that doesn’t mean homeowners can excuse themselves from the rigors of regular maintenance. In fact, things like regular checks of the spark plug, tires, and track alignment can help the HS724 go longer between major repairs and operate more efficiently all winter long. For those new to the HS724 snowblower and its unique requirements, consider the maintenance routines below as a good guide to long-term reliability for many winters to come. Continue reading