Honda HS1366i Snowblower Controls & Features (Part 2 of 2)

Honda Power EquipmentIn addition to some really intuitive controls that make it easier to handle all depths of snow accumulation, the Honda HS1366i snowblower comes with some really great features that make it easier to monitor things like oil levels, charging, and much more. Many of these features are an evolution of manual systems included in older Honda snowblowers, bolstered by the decreasing size and cost of small engine computers and microprocessors. For those customers who are either new to this snowblower model, or considering purchasing the Honda HS1366i for the first time, here’s what to know about some of the most useful and intuitive new features found on this model compared to competing options sold by both Honda and its competitors.

Drive Control Warning Indicator

For decades, snowblowers haven’t had a really sophisticated way of telling their operators that they require the professional service of an authorized dealer. Instead, the need for service was indicated by a malfunctioning piece of equipment and an owner’s manual that advised, under some circumstances, the use of a professional mechanic. That’s no longer the case with the Honda HS1366i. Instead, the snowblower has an innovative drive control warning indicator that makes the need for professional service much more apparent.

The indicator’s red light first turns on when the engine switch is moved from the “off” position into the “on” position. It stays on only briefly, turning off as soon as the engine starts running. If the light doesn’t turn off at all, it’s indicative of serious maintenance concerns that can generally only be addressed by a certified Honda technician. An orange light on this indicator indicates further problems with drive system control that might have to be addressed either by a technician or by following a few simple troubleshooting tips.

Charging Indicator

Like the drive control warning indicator, this light is designed to alert snowblower owners to a problem that likely requires the help of a certified Honda repair technician. The indicator should come on only when the engine switch is placed into the “on” position. It should then turn off once the engine has been started. If this does not occur, it should definitely be cause for alarm. As soon as possible, operators should take their equipment to an authorized Honda service center for crucial repairs to the engine or starting mechanism.

Oil Indicator

Finally, a snowblower that advertises the exact moment when oil maintenance is required! The Honda HS1366i features an oil indicator that uses a series of LED light to communicate potential maintenance concerns to equipment operators. The first of these is also the most important: A sustained red light that stays on well after the engine has been started indicates that engine oil is low and that additional oil should be added prior to operation. This can save major expenses and major damage to the engine almost immediately.

If the light comes on during operation, engine oil is likely running low and the equipment should be stopped until the oil level is checked and replenished. If the red light comes on only briefly when starting the engine, and then quickly turns off, this should be taken as a sign that oil levels are perfectly fine and the equipment is good to go.

Fuel Gauge

The HS1366i snowblower runs on traditional gasoline, and the fuel gauge exists to make sure that operators aren’t running on fumes as they attempt to remove snow and ice from their driveway and home walkways. If the fuel gauge is close to the “empty” line prior to using the equipment, add fuel before starting the engine. If it approaches the “empty” mark during operation, stop the equipment and refuel before continuing.

Snow Clearing Bar

Unlike many of its competitors, Honda actually includes a tool for clearing obstructions away from the snowblower if it becomes a hazard to regular operation. The snow clearing bar is found near the front of the equipment and can be used to safely remove debris and larger obstructions when the snowblower is switched off. Made from highly durable materials, the snow clearing bar should be returned to its storage position on the equipment prior to turning the snowblower back on. If the snow clearing bar is not effective at removing obstructions, more serious maintenance may have to take place once the snowblower has been turned off and allowed to cool down.

Excellent Features for a Modern, Powerful Snowblower

Honda’s attention to detail with the HS1366i is a great benefit for buyers. With new indicator lights that warn of engine trouble, low oil levels, and other major hazards, performing preventative maintenance has never been easier. Features like an included snow clearing bar, headlight and other accessories make it easier to handle even the darkest and most challenging snow clearing tasks throughout the year.

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