Troubleshoot a Clogged Snowblower

29379Troubleshoot a Clogged Snowblower
It seems almost inevitable: you’re cleaning up the snow that’s landed on your driveway, and then you notice that nothing is actually coming out of the chute. Why do snowblowers clog, and what can you do to keep it from happening?

Removing Clogs Safely

Before removing a clog, shut off the snowblower and disconnect the spark plug to ensure there is no possibility of an accidental start. Trying to remove clogged snow with your hands is a good way to be injured, even if the impellers aren’t moving. Instead, use the tool included with your snowblower for this purpose. Continue reading

8 Simple Tips for Snowblowing

honda-snow-blowerWinter is here, and that means a constant battle between snowfall and your driveway. These tips will help you get the most out of your Honda snowblower, keeping the pavement uncovered with as little effort as possible while reducing the chance of breakdowns.

1. Prepare Your Property Ahead of Time

Before the first snowfall, take the time to remove any obstacles that could get clogged in your snowblower including chains, outdoor lights, extension cables, and garden hoses. Set up markers near gravel and landscape features as well as the edges of your driveway and sidewalk. Already have frozen ground? A masonry bit can drill a hole through the dirt for your marker. Continue reading

How to Troubleshoot Your Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower

Honda HS720AMIf you own a Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower and have been experiencing trouble with your equipment, here are a few suggestions that will get your snow thrower running smoothly again.

When Your Electric Starter Won’t Operate

This may be due to a faulty power outlet. Try using a different outlet, or start the engine using the recoil starter. If the problem is with the electrical cord, replace it immediately, or use the recoil starter to start the engine.

When Your Starter Operates But The Engine Won’t Start

This may be caused by not switching on your engine switch or fuel valve. Take a moment to ensure that both are properly switched to the “on” position.  If the fuel you are using has gone stale, drain your carburetor and replace it with fresh fuel.
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How to Pick the Right Honda Snowblower

Honda 621 SnowblowerYou’ve decided to get a Honda snowblower, no doubt because of their reputation for high quality and industry-leading engine design. It also doesn’t hurt that anything you might need for your future purchase is available at That just leaves one question: Which one? There’s more to consider than just price. Some models are better suited for driveways, others for rough terrain and still others for major jobs. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your driveway clear or you’re buying something for a business, Honda has a machine that will be perfect for your needs. Continue reading

Honda HS624 Snowblower Parts Guide

Honda HS 624When it comes to keeping a Honda snowblower in great shape throughout the winter season and even during summer storage, nothing is more important than having the right parts and fluids on hand for routine maintenance Whether it’s the right kind of fuel or the proper procedure for inspecting and replacing a spark plug, these crucial parts and procedures are absolutely essential when ensuring long-term snowblower durability and utility. Here’s what snowblower owners need to know in order to keep their equipment functioning at peak efficiency throughout the winter and for many years to come. Continue reading

How to Troubleshoot a Honda HS1332 Snowblower

Honda HS 1332Durability is one of the key features of all Honda snowblowers, but even these reputable models can sometimes cause headaches for homeowners. Though these problems are a nuisance at the outset of a snow clearing job, a few brief troubleshooting routines can often pin down the specific problem and make it easy to get the equipment back in working order within just a few moments. Before contacting a local service center and assuming the worst, be sure to follow these common troubleshooting guidelines and rule out any problems that might be a bit easier to fix at home. Continue reading

Operation Guide for a Honda HS928 Snowblower

Honda HS 928The Honda HS928 snowblower is a powerful way to deal with the worst of winter’s weather. Even so, that same power needs to be properly controlled and safely managed by operators if they wish to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and without running the risk of serious injury. Before getting started with the HS928 snowblower and all of its excellent features, be sure to review safety guidelines, basic operating instructions, and the skills needed to handle clogged intake chutes and other common headaches. Continue reading

Honda HS520 Snowblower Maintenance Tips

Honda HS 520 SnowblowerHonda’s HS520 snowblower is designed to last for years or even decades after purchase, but it must be properly maintained each year to ensure that the engine stays in peak condition for a long time to come. That often means regular oil changes, careful refueling, and a comprehensive inspections or replacement of parts like the auger and the scraper blade. Homeowners looking to protect their investment and prolong the life of their Honda HS520 should be sure to follow a few maintenance tips and guidelines to reduce the need for repairs and maximize the value of their snowblower. Continue reading

How to Operate a Honda HS520 Snowblower

Honda HS 520 SnowblowerWhile snowblowers represent a major improvement over the typical snow shovel, they also present new equipment owners with a few confusing levers and procedures that might be difficult to understand when the equipment is needed after a major storm. Before using the equipment for the first time, those new to the Honda HS520 should be sure they understand the equipment’s controls, as well as how to start and stop the engine, clear snow, and operate the blower with the utmost commitment to safety and Honda best practices. Continue reading

How to Change a Snowblower Tire

Honda SnowblowerHonda snowblowers are remarkably durable and able to survive winter with relatively little maintenance required from the homeowner. Sometimes, the combination of debris and rough snow or ice can negatively impact the equipment’s tires. After a few seasons of tough snow clearing, it becomes necessary to change these tires in order to ensure good traction and snow clearing in the future. provides Honda Snowblower Tires, which equipment owners can easily replace by following a few simple steps.

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