Honda HHT Trimmers – Maintenance Tips to Keep them Running Smoothly


Now that you have purchased your new Honda HHT Trimmer, there are a few things you should know before you begin to operate the machine. Please note that the trimmer requires special oil and recommended fuel. Read the owner’s manual before you begin operation of your new trimmer. You might also want to follow these maintenance tips to keep your machine running properly each time you use it:

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Honda Trimmer Operation Guide

Honda TrimmerGetting started with any new piece of equipment often means taking a moment to learn about its controls and how to safety start and stop the equipment in typical landscaping scenarios. The Honda trimmer is no different. Those who recently purchased one of the company’s trimmers, or those who simply need a brief refresher on how to properly start, operate, and stop the trimmer, can benefit from following a few simple guidelines and step-by-step approaches to their trimming needs all around the home. Continue reading