How to Change a Honda Snowblower Spark Plug

Any professional will tell you that Honda power equipment is durable and dependable. With a 4-stroke engine, a Honda snowblower does not mix oil and gas, nor does it emit an odor or smoke. It also has low emissions, great fuel economy, and is very easy to start even in the coldest weather.

However, despite the durability and dependability of a Honda snowblower, you will eventually have to replace the spark plug. A properly functioning spark plug is essential for a properly functioning snowblower engine. It is the device inside of the engine cylinder that ignites the fuel by creating a spark. The process works as follows. Continue reading

How to Replace the Air Filter and Spark Plug on Your Honda Lawnmower

For many homeowners, summer is synonymous with lawn care, and that means ensuring that your Honda lawnmower is in good working condition. Old or worn air filters and spark plugs can result in overheating, power loss, erratic operation, and a failure to start properly. Fortunately, with a few easy steps you can have your Honda lawnmower back up and running like new.

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