How to Troubleshoot your Honda Water Pump

Honda water pumps are known for their durability and flexibility through a wide range of operating conditions. However, regular maintenance is a must if you want your pump to continue running as advertised. If you have started to experience problems with your pump, use this guide as a starting point to troubleshoot the issue.

Low Output

If your Honda water pump does not appear to be creating the output that you are expecting or if it seems to be running much slower than normal there are a few things you should check. First of all, check the speed and throttle indicators to ensure that the throttle is turned up high enough. If the pump is set to the correct speed, next check your hose. A hose of the wrong length or size can prevent the pump from creating enough pressure to move the water. Try changing to a hose that better fits the pump if problems persist. If these simple troubleshooting steps are not enough to fix the problem, you may have a worn or damaged pump. Continue reading

Recommended Maintenance of Honda H1011 Riding Mower

Honda H1011 Rider

When you buy a riding lawn mower, you are making an investment. You certainly want a durable piece of equipment that is long lasting and can handle the wear and tear of frequent use. Honda offers some of the finest top of the line mowers made with high-quality parts. As with most equipment, maintenance is essential in keeping your mower running in top condition. Find out how to properly care for your Honda H1011 Riding Mower.

Safety Precautions

Before you begin any maintenance or service on your Honda mower, it is important to know that you should take some basic safety precautions first.

How to Mow Your Lawn Like a Pro

Honda HRR 216

The key to getting that professionally manicured lawn look is a combination of careful planning and having the right equipment for the job. You can’t accomplish a professional looking lawn without the help of a strong mower, an edger, and a trimmer to clean things up. Here are a few tips to get your lawn looking like it belongs in a magazine.

Cut Longer

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Commercial Use of Honda WB20 & WB30 Water Pumps

WB20 Water Pump Honda

Honda has a great selection of water pumps that can be used in many ways for different applications. Here is some information on what you need to know specifically about the Honda WB20 & WB30 series water pumps.

Uses of the Honda WB20 and WB30 Water Pump

Honda’s WB series of general purpose pumps are widely used for commercial use but can also be used in the home as well. General purpose pumps are designed to be used to completely remove water or transfer water to another location. Here are some typical applications that the WB20 and WB30 water pumps are often used in:
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How to change the oil of a Honda EU2000i Generator

Honda EU2000i

After you have purchased your new Honda EU2000i Generator it is important that you keep track of the regular maintenance needs of your equipment to ensure that it does not get damaged during operation. Part of this maintenance is regular oil changes. You should be checking the engine oil each time you use the generator to make sure there is enough oil in it, especially if it has been sitting for an extended period of time. Otherwise, your first oil change should happen at the end of your first month, or the first 20 hours of operation. Each additional oil change will take place at 6-months or 100 operating hour intervals afterwards. This is a very simple process that should only take a few minutes and a single screwdriver along with an oil pan and funnel.
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Repairing the Honda HRT216 Lawn Mower


Having problems with your Honda Harmony II HRT216 mower? Here’s what you need to know to fix common problems.

Engine Won’t Start

– Make sure the fuel valve, just to the right of the air filter, is on.
– Make sure the throttle is set to Choke if the engine is cold, or Fast if the engine is warm.
– Check the fuel tank. If it’s empty, add more fuel. If the fuel hasn’t been treated with a stabilizer and is more than 30 days old or has been treated and is over 90 days old, drain the fuel tank and carburetor, then fill with fresh gas.
– Check the spark plug. The gap should be set to 0.028-0.031in (0.7-0.8 mm.) If it’s wet with gas, wipe it dry and reinstall. If the electrode or insulator is damaged, replace it with a new plug.
– If the engine still won’t start, have the mower looked at by a dealer.
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Honda HRT216 Lawn Mower Troubleshooting

Honda HRT216Honda’s lawn mowers have been known as some of the most efficient and reliable outdoor lawn equipment in the industry. However, problems can occasionally arise even with the best mowers. If your Honda HRT216 Lawn Mower has a spark but refuses to start, this comprehensive troubleshooting guide may help you repair the equipment.

Address Potential Fuel Concerns

Fuel issues may be a major cause of starting problems among Honda HRT216 Lawn Mowers. Users can address these potential issues before having the product serviced by a professional:
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Honda Water Pumps Comparison Guide

Honda Water Pumps

Honda offers consumers and businesses a wide selection of water pumps for many different applications. Their pumps come with several different designations as to the type of work that each pump is designed to do. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know about the Honda water pump line.
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