FCR800 Rear-Tine Tiller

FCR800 Rear-Tine Tiller

Are you looking for a tiller with maximum power and Honda reliability? The FCR800 is the top model in the company’s lineup, combining a hard-digging rear tine design, large motor and multi-speed drive system to tackle jobs big and small.


This tiller is powered by a GX240. From its ball bearing supported crankshaft to its digitally controlled ignition coil, everything on this motor is designed for commercial use with minimal noise, emissions and maintenance. Tilling is dusty work, so Honda fits the FRC800’s engine with a cyclone filter. As air enters the intake, it’s accelerated through three cyclone chambers that force particulates out of the air stream. This pre-cleaning leaves less material for the air filter elements to trap, increasing filter life while cutting filter maintenance in half.


The tine reel is 20 inches wide with tines that are 12 inches in diameter. The reel spins in the same direction as the wheels, and they can only be engaged when the transmission is in gear. At maximum engine speed, the reel spins at 225 RPM. The rear tine design lets the operator use the handle as a lever, putting greater downward force on the tines with minimal effort. This setup provides superior performance when turning tough soil. This model can also be outfitted with an optional furrowing attachment to dig trenches for seeding

A full tine enclosure with side tine shields and a full-width rear shield keeps dirt from being tossed onto adjoining plants and pavement and prevents stray stones from being launched into windows or at the operator.

Drive System

The transmission has three forward speeds and one reverse speed. Both gear and tine engagement are integrated into the shifter. The tines can be engaged in first gear at 0.4 mph or second gear at 0.9 mph. Since the tines always move at the same speed, going slower gives them more time to break up the soil, making first gear a great choice for breaking up unturned turf and compacted clay. Third gear is designed for transport, moving the tiller at up to 2.9 mph. Likewise, the tines shut off when in reverse, making it easy to pull the tiller out if it gets stuck. To make maintenance easier, the transmission uses the same oil as the engine.


The FRC800 uses a loop handle that lets the operator use the controls while directly behind or to the left or right of the machine. No matter the position, both the engagement bail and shifter are within easy reach. The handlebar can be set to one of four height positions, letting operators of all sizes maintain a comfortable hand position.

Getting the right tilling depth is easy thanks to an adjustable depth bar. Once set, it limits how deep the tines can go, letting it work as well removing surface weeds or digging up topsoil to create new planting beds. A reverse lockout keeps tines from engaging when rolling backward no matter what gear the transmission is in. Steel tubing at the front of the machine shields the engine from impacts when working in tight quarters.

Getting Parts and Accessories for the FRC800 Tiller

When you need parts for your tiller or anything else from Honda’s small equipment line, visit www.hondalawnparts.com. As a certified dealer for both Honda Power Equipment and Honda Engines, we’re able to ship OEM parts for the FRC800 across the U.S. and Canada. Need help with finding the right part? Our site can show you parts for your specific model along with factory diagrams and descriptions so you know you’re ordering exactly what you need.