How to Mow Your Lawn Like a Pro

Honda HRR 216

The key to getting that professionally manicured lawn look is a combination of careful planning and having the right equipment for the job. You can’t accomplish a professional looking lawn without the help of a strong mower, an edger, and a trimmer to clean things up. Here are a few tips to get your lawn looking like it belongs in a magazine.

Cut Longer

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How to Operate the Honda WD20 Deluxe Water Pump

honda 20 water pump

Ready to put your Honda WD20 deluxe water pump to work? Here’s everything you need to know about using your pump from setting up the suction hose to stopping the engine.

Pre-Operation Safety:

Never use this pump to move corrosive or flammable liquids. Saltwater, chemical solutions, and caustic liquids should also be avoided to prevent pump damage. Keep the unit at least three feet (one meter) away from buildings to prevent carbon monoxide build-up, and always operate the unit on a level surface.
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How to Tune Up a Honda EB11000 Generator

How to Tune Up a Honda EB11000 Generator

Tuning up a Honda EB11000 generator allows you to get the most out of the system, especially after extended periods of use. If you have an older system, it is important to regularly maintain it, as this allows you to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions in the way the system operates.  One of the most regular parts of the maintenance process is removing and cleaning the oil and air filters. To change or clean the oil filter, drain the engine oil before retightening the bolt. When it is removed, clean the mounting base and discard the old oil filter before replacing it with a new one. Screw back on and use as necessary. For the air filter, remove the wing bolt and remove the air foam from the filter’s body. Depending on the condition of the air filter, you can wash it with regular water for a quick clean or have it replaced entirely if it is older and more worn out.
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Replacing Parts on an EV4010 Honda Generator

Honda EV 4010

Honda is known for its quality cars and engine designs, and that fact extends to their generators too. Hook up the EV4010 generator to your recreational vehicle or home. You’ll have immediate power for all of your critical electrical items. Although Honda generators are reliable machines, they aren’t maintenance-free products. In fact, you need to stay on top of their maintenance schedule so that they can work without a hitch. Take a look at the maintenance and parts replacement tasks you will need to perform, so that your Honda EV4010 generator can stay in tip-top shape.

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How to Avoid Fuel-Related Problems for a Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower

Honda HS720AM Snow ThrowerHonda designed and built the model HS720AM Snow Thrower for powerful, reliable performance in any snow conditions. The condition of the fuel is critical in the machine’s performance. Unfortunately, fuel can deteriorate in a short amount of time, which can corrode and damage engine parts. Also, the manufacturer’s limited warranty does not cover system damage and engine problems caused by substandard fuel. Thankfully, users can avoid problems and extend the life of their Honda Snow Thrower by following through with the manufacturer’s recommendations below. Continue reading

How to Troubleshoot Your Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower

Honda HS720AMIf you own a Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower and have been experiencing trouble with your equipment, here are a few suggestions that will get your snow thrower running smoothly again.

When Your Electric Starter Won’t Operate

This may be due to a faulty power outlet. Try using a different outlet, or start the engine using the recoil starter. If the problem is with the electrical cord, replace it immediately, or use the recoil starter to start the engine.

When Your Starter Operates But The Engine Won’t Start

This may be caused by not switching on your engine switch or fuel valve. Take a moment to ensure that both are properly switched to the “on” position.  If the fuel you are using has gone stale, drain your carburetor and replace it with fresh fuel.
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