6 Storage Tips for a Honda HS520 Snowblower

Honda HS 520 SnowblowerStoring snowblower equipment like the Honda HS520 during the warmer months of the year generally involves far more than merely placing the equipment in the back of a garage or storage shed until winter weather arrives for another round of snow and ice. Indeed, proper storage involves everything from cleaning the equipment to making sure that fuel is drained or stable, oil is taken care of, and regular lubrication has been pursued before the equipment is left to sit idle for months on end. Continue reading

Honda HS520 Snowblower Maintenance Tips

Honda HS 520 SnowblowerHonda’s HS520 snowblower is designed to last for years or even decades after purchase, but it must be properly maintained each year to ensure that the engine stays in peak condition for a long time to come. That often means regular oil changes, careful refueling, and a comprehensive inspections or replacement of parts like the auger and the scraper blade. Homeowners looking to protect their investment and prolong the life of their Honda HS520 should be sure to follow a few maintenance tips and guidelines to reduce the need for repairs and maximize the value of their snowblower. Continue reading

How to Operate a Honda HS520 Snowblower

Honda HS 520 SnowblowerWhile snowblowers represent a major improvement over the typical snow shovel, they also present new equipment owners with a few confusing levers and procedures that might be difficult to understand when the equipment is needed after a major storm. Before using the equipment for the first time, those new to the Honda HS520 should be sure they understand the equipment’s controls, as well as how to start and stop the engine, clear snow, and operate the blower with the utmost commitment to safety and Honda best practices. Continue reading

How to Operate a Honda HRC Lawn Mower

Honda HRCThe Honda HRC mower is considered a major powerhouse for both residential landscapers and commercial enterprises that need to get a lot of work done very quickly. As with any mower, however, the HRC requires a certain level of both attention and precaution before it can be started and put to work. By following a few simple guidelines, owners will be able to stay safe, get the job done, and do it more quickly than with competing mowers currently on the market. Continue reading

Troubleshooting Guide for Honda HRC Lawn Mowers

Honda HRCHonda’s lawn mowers are widely regarded as some of the most durable and long-lasting in the industry, and the company’s HRC model is specifically touted as one of the best for large home lawns and commercial landscaping businesses. Even so, Honda’s lawn mowers occasional exhibit brief signs of trouble or difficulty that can be frustrating for any equipment operator. Often, these problems are very easy to fix and involve only a slight adjustment to the mower’s settings, gauges, or fluids. Before getting in touch with a local service department, be sure to confront each of the HRC mower’s most common issues with a few tests and fixes that will most likely get the mower back in operating condition. Continue reading