Honda HS1366i Snowblower Maintenance Tips (Part 2 of 2)

Honda Power EquipmentThe best way to keep a Honda HS1366i snowblower in great condition for years to come is to keep up with the regular maintenance routines that keep the engine and all moving parts in great condition. Honda’s user guide comes with several great recommendations for equipment owners, including a comprehensive maintenance schedule that helps the equipment weather each and every storm. Whether it’s inspecting the spark plug or larger parts like the auger, here’s what to know when keeping the snowblower in top shape throughout the coldest months of the year. Continue reading

Honda HS1366i Snowblower Maintenance Tips (Part 1 of 2)

Honda HS 724There is perhaps no better way to handle winter’s onslaught of major winter storms and smaller snow events than the Honda HS1366i snowblower. The equipment is compact, powerful, and relatively easy to use. It also requires that its owners conduct regular maintenance to prevent common hassles, from engine problems to clogged intake chutes and more. Before getting started with this equipment, be sure to understand Honda’s recommended service intervals and the types of maintenance that can help to significantly extend the HS1366i’s useful life. Continue reading

Honda HS1366i Snowblower Controls & Features (Part 2 of 2)

Honda Power EquipmentIn addition to some really intuitive controls that make it easier to handle all depths of snow accumulation, the Honda HS1366i snowblower comes with some really great features that make it easier to monitor things like oil levels, charging, and much more. Many of these features are an evolution of manual systems included in older Honda snowblowers, bolstered by the decreasing size and cost of small engine computers and microprocessors. For those customers who are either new to this snowblower model, or considering purchasing the Honda HS1366i for the first time, here’s what to know about some of the most useful and intuitive new features found on this model compared to competing options sold by both Honda and its competitors. Continue reading

How to Operate a Honda HS1366i Snowblower (Part 1 of 2)

Honda Power EquipmentThose new to the Honda HS1366i snowblower can easily be intimidated when the time comes to adjust the controls, switch the engine on, and get started with regular operation. This process is actually pretty easy, however, and requires only a few basic precautions, guidelines, and procedures. This two-part series will focus on how to properly prepare the snowblower for use and then put it into operation around the home during the first big snowfall of the season. Continue reading