Service Tips for a Honda HS724 Snowblower (Part 1 of 2)

Honda HS 724Snowblowers represent a significant investment for most homeowners, and many people are looking for the best ways to maintain and protect that investment over the course of many years. Simply put, the single best way to ensure the Honda HS724 snowblower stands the test of time is to engage in regular maintenance and follow general service guidelines for the equipment as laid out in the operator’s manual. Before getting started with the equipment this winter and every winter, be sure to review a few basic guidelines concerning maintenance, fluids, and more. Continue reading

How to Operate a Honda HS724 Snowblower (Part 2 of 2)

Honda HS 724One of the most important things to know about the HS725 snowblower is how to start the engine and effectively clear snow. Along with learning the basic controls and features that set this particular model apart from the competition, smooth operation of the snowblower is the easiest way to stay safe and snow-free along sidewalks and driveways until a welcome spring thaw takes care of the problem on its own. Continue reading

How to Operate a Honda HS724 Snowblower (Part 1 of 2)

Honda HS 724Using a Honda HS724 snowblower for the first time can be a daunting task for those homeowners who are entirely new to the equipment, with a number of controls and features that can seem confusing at first. Operation of the snowblower is actually pretty easy, however, as long as new owners acquaint themselves with the most important controls concerning basic starting, operation, and maintenance. Continue reading

Honda HS520 Snowblower Troubleshooting Guide

Honda Power EquipmentHonda’s HS520 snowblower is one of the best models on the market, with excellent durability and a proven record of lasting throughout many years of tough winter weather. This sterling reputation doesn’t come without its fair share of minor problems, mistakes or maintenance oversights, however, each of which can be fixed with an extensive troubleshooting process. If the snowblower has recently begun experiencing problems, ranging from electric starter problems to a simple inability to throw snow away from the equipment’s path, there are generally a few key things to check to get the equipment back in perfect working order. Continue reading