Overview of the Honda EB 10000

Honda EB 10000Honda’s generators have always been well respected among construction professionals and those in commercial industries, but the company recently achieved a new level of excellence and recognition with its EB10000 generator model. Rental Equipment Register Magazine gave the generator its prized Innovative Product Reward for the year ending 2012, calling the generator highly efficient, innovative, and compact, in ways that the competition simply couldn’t match. For high-powered commercial businesses, the generator serves as Honda’s most powerful model and its flagship product. Continue reading

Honda Commercial Generators: Preferred by Professionals

Honda EB6500 GeneratorWithout a doubt, Honda’s generators are the preferred choice of professional construction workers, commercial business owners, and industrial employees, who need a reliable source of power in the event that a blackout sends their largest equipment offline. Because extreme outdoor conditions, whether hot or cold, can negatively affect power equipment in a serious way, having a reliable source of backup power is exceedingly important. Continue reading

Power Management With A Honda Home Generator!

Honda EM 4000 GeneratorWhat Is Power Management?

Power management is a feature of many electrical appliances that conserves power when the equipment is not in use, or when the electrical appliance is using general running wattage. Certain advanced computers, laptops and other electrical equipment have a power management feature, and it is an important feature for extending the battery life of many of these appliances.

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