Honda Commercial Generators: Preferred by Professionals

Honda EB6500 GeneratorWithout a doubt, Honda’s generators are the preferred choice of professional construction workers, commercial business owners, and industrial employees, who need a reliable source of power in the event that a blackout sends their largest equipment offline. Because extreme outdoor conditions, whether hot or cold, can negatively affect power equipment in a serious way, having a reliable source of backup power is exceedingly important.Honda wins the battle among its competition in many cases due largely to its long-term commitment to quality. The company builds its generators in a unique way that makes them both highly durable and easy to transport. Honda uses the highest-quality materials available, and has a longstanding commitment to OEM parts for its generators that ensures its customers won’t be left out in the cold when a new model comes along. That type of commitment is just too hard to beat in the construction, industrial, and commercial sectors of the economy.

Honda Generators are Designed with Workers in Mind

All too often, the companies that manufacture generators try to be a bit too broad in their appeal. They’ll create models that are designed to target both commercial and homebuyers, and they won’t really satisfy either. This results in a generator that is excessive for the home but underpowered when it comes to keeping large equipment operating throughout a power outage.

Honda’s generators are designed with construction and industrial workers in mind. Their wattage, voltage, design, and mobility, is all crafted specifically for their target audience. That means there is no compromising necessary. They’re more powerful to use, easier to learn, and better overall for commercial businesses.

Transporting Honda Commercial Generators is a Breeze

Most consumer-focused generators are designed in a style that represents a flat cart, with smaller wheels that make it perfect for toting around the relatively easy terrain of the home. That just won’t work well for those in commercial and construction industries, though. For this reason, Honda pairs each of its commercial generators with a wheelbarrow design that makes it easy to move around a facility. With sturdier wheels designed for dealing with the heavy-duty nature of commercial generators, workers will breathe a sigh of relief when it comes time to move the equipment.

Another great commitment to commercial use is the skyhook attached to all commercial generators sold by Honda. This allows them to actually be moved by crane, rather than by using wheelbarrow handles or any other method. Because there are few things as useful as a crane in commercial and construction industries, it’s hard to argue with this feature.

Fuel, Oil, and Air Filters are All Designed for Businesses

The problem with many other commercial generators, and certainly the generators targeted to home customers, is that they don’t contain a fuel tank large enough to be of much use to commercial business owners. There seems to be some kind of conventional wisdom in the industry that a commercial generator’s fuel tank can be relatively small, because outages aren’t likely to be very long lasting at all. While most outrages are quite short, of course, the potential for extended outages is real. A small fuel tank will leave a commercial enterprise unprepared, so Honda includes some of the largest tanks currently on the market.

Oil, too, gets special treatment from the company. Special oil drains allow for regular service to the oil contained within a commercial generator, boosting productivity and quickening the process of changing out old oil, putting in new oil, and testing the generator’s capacity. Most workers will readily accept using less effort to perform a regular maintenance task. It should be noted that air filters, too, are far easier to service when using a Honda commercial generator than they are on virtually every other competing model. Again, less effort wins the day for most workers.

Keeping Noise Down: Low Tone Mufflers are Perfect for Businesses

The last thing anyone wants to talk over is a loud generator that distracts from the task at hand and limits worker communication. With some generators, this is just a fact of operation. With Honda, though, silent operation is a key goal of every model the company develops and sells. That’s why a large, low tone muffler is paired with every commercial model, giving it unparalleled quietness for businesses that would rather not try to talk over the noise being created by a generator during a power outage.

OSHA Compliance Completes the Package

Finally, commercial generators sold by Honda included GFCIs that comply with OSHA regulations concerning employee safety. Considering the large amount of wattage produced by the company’s commercial models, this should be a deciding factor among businesses looking to ensure their equipment stays online, no matter what.

With a commitment to efficiency, quiet operation, and easy mobility, Honda’s generators are perfect for commercial, industrial, and construction businesses everywhere.

OEM Parts – Where to Buy

Due to the demands of the job-site, a Honda Generator will eventually need repair. Honda recommends OEM replacement parts only. provides an easy to navigate online parts search tool. Parts are easily identified, ordered and shipped.


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