Honda Generator Parts to Keep on Hand

Honda EM 4000 GeneratorSpring is a refreshing change of pace from the harsh cold of winter, but the transition to warmer temperatures and spring foliage also comes with severe storms and the possibility of a power outage. Around the country, homeowners and business owners everywhere should be checking their Honda generators for potential problems, performing routine maintenance on those generators, and ensuring that they’ve got the right parts on hand to fix any maintenance problem at a moment’s notice. With the right parts available, and the right attention to detail, power outages can be avoided with one of Honda’s excellent commercial or residential models. Continue reading

Honda Generators Named “Most Innovative Product”

Honda EB 10000Few would dispute the quality and longevity of Honda’s commercial generators, but an industry publication recently went so far as to reward the company for making groundbreaking progress toward a large, low-noise, high-efficiency generator. The Rental Equipment Register, a magazine dedicated to developments in the heavy equipment and equipment rental industries, gave the Honda EB 10000 its “Most Innovative Product” award for 2012. That distinguished honor is the result of serious innovation at Honda that has managed to create one of the quietest, most powerful commercial generators available. All the while, the EB10000 remains relatively light and definitely portable.

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Honda Commercial Generators: Preferred by Professionals

Honda EB6500 GeneratorWithout a doubt, Honda’s generators are the preferred choice of professional construction workers, commercial business owners, and industrial employees, who need a reliable source of power in the event that a blackout sends their largest equipment offline. Because extreme outdoor conditions, whether hot or cold, can negatively affect power equipment in a serious way, having a reliable source of backup power is exceedingly important. Continue reading