Honda Pump Parts and Accessories

Honda EM 4000 GeneratorFew water pumps compare to Honda’s offerings, all of which use the company’s popular four-stroke engines to provide excellent pump performance and long-term power that works in a variety of situation. These pumps, though need to pair their top-notch engine with a number of accessories that help to extend the pump’s usefulness, as well as to help it adapt to a wide variety of environments and unique conditions. From hose kits to camlocks, those who already own a Honda pump should consider some accessories to make it even more viable in everyday use. Continue reading

Honda HRR vs HRX Mower Comparison

Honda HRR LawnmowerBecause it’s quite a bit smaller than the average home riding mower, the push mower has been perceived by many homeowners as lacking in key features and advantages that riding models traditionally offer. Many riding mowers offer electric start, cruise control, and other features for enhanced comfort that greatly benefit homeowners by making the mowing process just a bit easier during the summer months. For Honda customers, though, buying a walk behind mower is no compromise. With its innovative HRR and HRX series of mowers, the company adds many popular riding mower features to the mix for those who prefer a smaller, more compact walk behind mower. There are few compromises to be found in these models, plenty of power to be enjoyed, and a much easier mowing experience that will last for years to come for today’s buyers. Continue reading

Honda Mowers: How Smart are They?

Honda Push MowerOne of the things that sets Honda lawn mowers apart from the company’s competitors is that Honda mowers are said to be “very smart.” Honda has spent their time in the industry focusing on research to boost usability, efficiency, power, and convenience, all while coming up with some of the most in-demand mowers on the market. Today, the company offers unique technologies that span from one-of-a-kind drive systems to twin blade mowing functionality and beyond. Continue reading