Honda HS50 Snowblower Operation Tips

Honda HS 520Honda Power Equipment has a reputation for providing the homeowner with exceptional machines that improve the snow blowing experience. The HS50 is no exception. The HS50 single-cylinder engine displaces 200 cubic centimeters and puts out 5 horsepower at 1,800 revolutions per minute driving models on wheels or tracks. Fuel tank capacity is 3.5 liters (0.92 gallons), enough for more than two hours of continuous operation. Maximum snow-blowing distance is nearly 40 feet, and snow-clearing capacity is more than 20 tons per hour. Continue reading

Honda HS520 Snowblower Troubleshooting Guide

Honda Power EquipmentHonda’s HS520 snowblower is one of the best models on the market, with excellent durability and a proven record of lasting throughout many years of tough winter weather. This sterling reputation doesn’t come without its fair share of minor problems, mistakes or maintenance oversights, however, each of which can be fixed with an extensive troubleshooting process. If the snowblower has recently begun experiencing problems, ranging from electric starter problems to a simple inability to throw snow away from the equipment’s path, there are generally a few key things to check to get the equipment back in perfect working order. Continue reading

How to Operate a Honda HS520 Snowblower

Honda HS 520 SnowblowerWhile snowblowers represent a major improvement over the typical snow shovel, they also present new equipment owners with a few confusing levers and procedures that might be difficult to understand when the equipment is needed after a major storm. Before using the equipment for the first time, those new to the Honda HS520 should be sure they understand the equipment’s controls, as well as how to start and stop the engine, clear snow, and operate the blower with the utmost commitment to safety and Honda best practices. Continue reading