Honda Trimmer Blade and Accessory Guide

Honda TrimmerThough many consumers view their trimmer only as a way to deal with nuisance weeds and those hard-to-reach areas around the lawn, the truth is that Honda’s lineup of trimmer models is actually extensible enough to handle even more challenging obstacles. Thanks to a series of blade and shield attachments, the typical Honda trimmer can be adapted to handle everything from mere blades of grass to larger shrubs, hedges, and even woody plants that might have grown out of control over the last several weeks or months. Each of these attachments is an OEM addition to the trimmer, bringing with it the same commitment to Honda quality and durability that consumers have come to expect across the board. Continue reading

Honda Trimmer Service Guide

Honda TrimmerEnsuring a long life for any piece of power equipment means committing to regular, preventive maintenance that ensures the quality of everything from fuel filters to throttle cables. Most of these maintenance procedures and checks are detailed extensively in the Honda trimmer’s operator manual, which covers the required parts, necessary procedures, and the mandatory service intervals that assure a high-quality trimmer for many years to come. By following this schedule and taking a proactive approach to regular maintenance, operators will be less likely to suffer from serious malfunctions, engine problems, and even the need to purchase a full replacement for their Honda model. Continue reading

Honda Trimmer Operation Guide

Honda TrimmerGetting started with any new piece of equipment often means taking a moment to learn about its controls and how to safety start and stop the equipment in typical landscaping scenarios. The Honda trimmer is no different. Those who recently purchased one of the company’s trimmers, or those who simply need a brief refresher on how to properly start, operate, and stop the trimmer, can benefit from following a few simple guidelines and step-by-step approaches to their trimming needs all around the home. Continue reading

Honda Tiller Accessories

Honda TillerTillers are among the most useful pieces of landscaping equipment that homeowners can own, especially when the first warm days of spring set in and the urge to start planting takes hold. Though initially useful in the spring, the addition of some really convenient accessories ensures that tillers remain one of the most essential pieces of landscaping equipment even as summer weather takes over and more conventional landscaping tasks move to the top of the list each week. Whether it’s preparing the lawn each spring or keeping perfect edges and trims all summer long, these accessories will do the job and save time, money, and space, for homeowners with compatible Honda tiller models. Continue reading