How to Start a Honda Push Mower

Honda Push Mowers may be started using either the automatic or manual starting procedure, depending on the model of the mower. Honda Push Mowers may include an automatic starter or you may own a model that uses the only the manual starting method.

The automatic starter on the Honda Push Mower makes starting the mower fast and easy. However, if the mower is not equipped with an automatic starter, start the mower using the manual procedure.  Continue reading

The Difference Between Aftermarket and Genuine Honda Parts

Aftermarket parts, being slightly less in cost than Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, may at first seem very appealing. The internet is full of places that sell them, and hundreds of companies manufacture them. However, on closer examination, their allure is deceptive. Aftermarket parts are riddled with serious problems and drawbacks.  Continue reading

How to Find Honda Mower Part Numbers

To find Honda Lawn Mower part numbers, use the online Honda Lawn Mower Lookup Tool. The tool may be accessed and used from any standard web browser. You can use the tool from a mobile device, too. Any Internet connected device with a web browser will enable you to look up a Honda mower part number.

The Honda Lawn Mower Lookup Tool is completely free to use and easy to learn.  Continue reading