Honda Residential Use Generator Selection Guide

Honda GeneratorChoosing a generator for the home is no easy task, with a wide variety of models that differ in wattage, run time, size, and portability. Homeowners typically have at least a few great options to choose from when selecting Honda as their brand of choice, with generators that can light up the whole house or provide electric current only to the most essential parts of the home, like HVAC systems and security monitoring systems. Continue reading

Honda Recreational Use Generator Selection Guide

Honda EU3000iRecreational generators are some of the smallest and most versatile generators on the market, designed to easily accompany their owners through a wide variety of situations. most often, these generators are used to supply power to an RV or motorhome during camping vacations. In other cases, they might supply limited power to light up outdoor sports games or make a small hunting lodge more enjoyable during the coldest months of the year. Continue reading

Honda HRM215 Mower Maintenance Guide

Honda HRM 215As winter finally fades away and warmer spring weather takes over, many Honda mower owners are going through their checklist of maintenance routines and service checks before mowing their lawn for the first time this year. As part of that process, HRM215 model owners have a number of things to check, from the engine itself to cables, blades, and even the grass bag. With a number of precautions, checking each of these key categories is a great way to ensure that the mower runs all season long without interruptions for service or repairs. Continue reading

How to Service Your Honda Mower Carburetor

Honda HRR Series LawnmowerWhen it comes to converting fuel into actual energy, few parts within a Honda mower are as essential as the carburetor. This key piece of equipment is responsible for taking in gasoline from the fuel tank, turning it into vapor, and then feeding it into the engine and moving parts that require energy in order to operate. Without a properly functioning carburetor, mower owners will find it nearly impossible to start their equipment, much less use it in any meaningful way. This kind of dilemma makes it pretty clear that proper maintenance and service of the carburetor is a key aspect of long-term usability and dependability during the spring and summer months. Continue reading