Honda HRM215 Mower Maintenance Guide

Honda HRM 215As winter finally fades away and warmer spring weather takes over, many Honda mower owners are going through their checklist of maintenance routines and service checks before mowing their lawn for the first time this year. As part of that process, HRM215 model owners have a number of things to check, from the engine itself to cables, blades, and even the grass bag. With a number of precautions, checking each of these key categories is a great way to ensure that the mower runs all season long without interruptions for service or repairs.

Precautions to Take Before Performing Maintenance

Honda mowers are inherently safe to use, but performing maintenance can expose owners to danger and potential injury if some basic precautions are not followed. Before performing any maintenance on the mower, be sure to disconnect the spark plug wires that might otherwise allow the engine to turn on during service. Furthermore, if the engine has been on recently, wait until the engine and exhaust have completely cooled before performing any maintenance. Otherwise, these surfaces are extremely hot and could result in serious burns or other injuries.

Be sure that no flammable material is nearby and never perform any kind of maintenance while the engine is on. In addition to burns, this could also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep all nuts, bolts, and screws contained during the servicing procedure and be sure to only conduct regular maintenance with OEM Honda parts made by the company in its own factories.

Recommended Engine Maintenance

The most important form of maintenance conducted around the engine is a regular oil change. This should be performed on a seasonal basis in order to ensure that the engine runs smoothly and never runs out of oil during a typical mowing job. To get started, remove the dipstick and then clean the dipstick and oil filler area with a soft cloth. Turn the mower on its side and prepare to drain the oil out of the engine.

Simply remove the drainage cap containing the oil and allow it to drain out of the mower. Be sure to drain any old oil into an approved, eco-friendly container that will allow for easy disposal of the fluid. Replace the cap, return the mower to its upright position, and refill the mower with the recommended oil type.

Adjusting the Blade Control Cable

Being able to control the mower blades’ height and position is a key part of the HRM215’s functionality, so this should be tested at the beginning of the season before the mower is put back into regular use. Before starting this process, measure the blade’s free play while the blade control button is pressed down. It should generally be between 20 and 25 millimeters.

If adjustment is required, loosen the locknuts that secure the cable and adjust its position accordingly. When adjustment is complete, secure those locknuts and test the blade in active usage. If the position is within the recommended 20 to 25 millimeters, the process is finished. If further adjustment is required, repeat this process.

Blade Removal and Blade Installation

Working with mower blades can be a dangerous process, so always wear protective gloves to protect against cuts, infections, and other diseases that may result from injury. With gloves on, place the throttle into the “stop” position and turn the mower over on its right side. Next, loosen and remove the blade bolts so that the blade can be taken off of the mower and sharpened or cleaned.

For sharpening, trust only a professional Honda dealer with experience in this area. Performing the service at home is generally not recommended due to the potential for injury and warping of the blade itself. When the blade has been appropriately cleaned or sharpened, replace it and secure the blade bolts back into place. Rotate the mower back into the upright position and be sure to conduct tests of the blades before resuming regular use of the mower.

Cleaning or Replacing the Grass Bag

Grass bags can be easily cleaned throughout the year, and this process should be completed either seasonally or on a monthly basis. Simply remove the bag from the mower and use a standard garden hose to spray the bag out and remove any clippings or debris. Allow the bag to dry completely and then re-attach it to the mower for regular use. If the bag has been damaged or is beyond cleaning, simply secure an OEM replacement from a nearby Honda parts dealer.

Where to Buy Parts for the Honda HRM215

For a large selection of OEM replacement parts, as well as years of experience servicing Honda power equipment, customers should look no further than   The site offers a large number of intuitive tools for parts lookup, including a parts search tool that can narrow down the available options by product type, model number, and even the specific part number needed at the time of purchase.

Best of all, the website is backed by decades of experience with Honda lawn equipment and other power equipment products. Customers will have access to experts in Honda repairs and service, giving them the inside track on the exact parts and routines needed to maintain their HRM215 mower or any number of other Honda offerings.


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