How to replace a Drive Pulley in a Honda Lawn Mower

Honda Push MowerThe drive pulleys featured in today’s Honda lawn mowers are key to making sure those mowers continue forward during the actual mowing process. These pulleys typically control either the actual mower belt itself, or the forward propulsion of the mower. When the drive pulley stops working or has malfunctioned, the mower itself can be come quite difficult to use. The blades may stop working as expected, and its forward movement may stop altogether. That can make even the most basic mowing job quite difficult for homeowners of all kinds.

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Honda HS 621 Snowblower Overview

The Honda HS621 snowblower is an auger-assisted drive model with a 4-stroke Honda GX160K1 engine that delivers 5.5 horsepower at 4,000 rpm. It has a 21” clearing width and a maximum snow throwing distance of 32.8 feet. With a continuous operating time of 1.4 hours, the HS621A model is equipped with a recoil starter, while the HS621AS model is equipped with an electric starter. This model weighs in at 91.5 pounds, with a 48.4 x 22.4 by 38.6 inch frame. Continue reading

How to Operate a Honda HS1366i Snowblower (Part 1 of 2)

Honda Power EquipmentThose new to the Honda HS1366i snowblower can easily be intimidated when the time comes to adjust the controls, switch the engine on, and get started with regular operation. This process is actually pretty easy, however, and requires only a few basic precautions, guidelines, and procedures. This two-part series will focus on how to properly prepare the snowblower for use and then put it into operation around the home during the first big snowfall of the season. Continue reading