Get Started with Your Honda EU2000i Generator

Honda_EU2000IKNFew pieces of equipment are more essential for today’s homeowners than a compact, powerful generator. Useful during severe storms and whenever an extended power outage threatens to take hold, as well as during outdoor adventures where a bit of electrical power is needed, generators like the EU2000i offer superior performance that can come to life in a pinch. Even so, those who are new to the EU2000i generator model probably have a few key questions about starting and stopping the equipment, using it when needed, and maintaining it throughout the year. Those common questions are all easily answered with a few common tips, tricks, hints, and articles of advice. Continue reading

Lawn Care FAQs

ID-100127544When it comes to properly mowing the lawn, there are plenty of misconceptions and even more questions that typical homeowners need to answer in order to create a professional, durable outdoor space. The good news is that lawn care, though it requires some attention to detail, is still pretty easy for the typical homeowner. With a few careful considerations, and answers to the most common questions, it’s easy to ensure that the turf remains vibrant in color, durable throughout all types of weather, and resistant to the most nefarious pests. Continue reading

Mowing Frequently Asked Questions

ID-10085512New homeowners often have quite a few questions about proper lawn care maintenance: How high should the grass be cut? When is the best time to cut? Are there guidelines for how long to wait between each lawn mower outing? These questions are pretty easy to answer, and they’ll help today’s homeowners and amateur landscapers ensure the season-long durability and aesthetic quality of their home’s outdoor areas. Before getting started with mowing review these commonly asked questions and their answers for greater clarity on the process and considerations involved. Continue reading

Push Mower Tune-Up Guide

Excellent lawn care over the course of the summer requires careful attention to mower maintenance, and often means that homeowners must perform at least a few tune-ups. In addition to being recommended by most Honda mower maintenance schedules, these tune-ups are an absolute necessity in order to ensure a professional cut outdoors, efficient work with the mower, and minimal interruptions for repairs, refueling, or other concerns. Tune-ups generally require a few basic tools and a step-by-step process. To get started, those new to home mowing and maintenance can simply follow a few basic tips and a logical process of top-to-bottom mower tuning. Continue reading