4 Key Service Tips for a Honda HS521 Snowthrower

Honda HS 521There are lots of great ways to make winter storm cleanup a bit easier, but snowblowers are easily the most effective. In order to keep this key piece of equipment functioning most efficiently, equipment owners will need to make sure that they’re engaging in regular maintenance that keeps fluids, parts, and other snowblower components in a great state of repair. For those who might be new to snowblower functionality and maintenance, there are a few key guidelines to follow and a few great resources that will make snowblower maintenance easy to accomplish from the start of winter through the first warm days of spring. Continue reading

Honda HS35 Snowblower Maintenance Guide

Honda HS35Snowblowers are undoubtedly durable, but their long-term endurance is helped greatly by regular maintenance procedures that compensate for wear and tear, keep fluids in check, and ensure that the equipment’s engine can run without incident throughout even the most challenging snow clearing jobs. For those who might be new to the Honda HS35 snowblower, there are a few general guidelines to keep in mind that will make maintenance easier, snowblower longevity longer, and snow clearing work a great deal more efficient. Continue reading

How to Troubleshoot a Honda HS1332 Snowblower

Honda HS 1332Durability is one of the key features of all Honda snowblowers, but even these reputable models can sometimes cause headaches for homeowners. Though these problems are a nuisance at the outset of a snow clearing job, a few brief troubleshooting routines can often pin down the specific problem and make it easy to get the equipment back in working order within just a few moments. Before contacting a local service center and assuming the worst, be sure to follow these common troubleshooting guidelines and rule out any problems that might be a bit easier to fix at home. Continue reading

Honda HS1332 Snowblower Controls

Honda_HS1332_snowblower_left_track_viewOne of the best features of Honda’s HS1332 snowblower is the equipment’s overall intuitive controls. Though there are many ways to adjust how the equipment performs and how it handles snow at all depths, the available controls and adjustments make it easy to perform the job efficiently and at a pretty quick rate of speed. The key to using the snowblower effectively, and maximizing the power of its intuitive controls, is to review the function of each prior to using the snowblower for the first time. Continue reading