Honda Mower Twin Blade Advantage

When it comes to walk-behind lawnmowers, most modern mowers perform flawlessly given ideal conditions. In reality, most homeowners seldom have ideal conditions. Juggling work schedules and dodging Mother Nature’s wrath frequently means mowing grass which is either too tall, too wet, or a combination of both. Many homeowners also have to navigate through uneven terrain and around existing landscaping, both of which may limit the ability to alternate mowing patterns. It is under less-than-ideal conditions such as these where the Honda Mower Twin Blade Advantage sets Honda mowers apart from the competition. Continue reading

Honda Water Pump Repair – Troubleshooting Guide

Honda water pumps are excellent, durable water pumps, with a great reputation of reliability. Despite this reputation, once in a while, something goes awry. Whether it’s a faulty part, operator error or a more complex problem, we’ve got you covered. Use the following troubleshooting guide to ascertain if you can fix the problem yourself or if you need a repairman. Use the manufacturer’s operations manual as a guide when embarking on a troubleshooting mission. As always, if you need Honda water pump parts contact

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How to Replace the Air Filter and Spark Plug on Your Honda Lawnmower

For many homeowners, summer is synonymous with lawn care, and that means ensuring that your Honda lawnmower is in good working condition. Old or worn air filters and spark plugs can result in overheating, power loss, erratic operation, and a failure to start properly. Fortunately, with a few easy steps you can have your Honda lawnmower back up and running like new.

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