Honda Mower Twin Blade Advantage

When it comes to walk-behind lawnmowers, most modern mowers perform flawlessly given ideal conditions. In reality, most homeowners seldom have ideal conditions. Juggling work schedules and dodging Mother Nature’s wrath frequently means mowing grass which is either too tall, too wet, or a combination of both. Many homeowners also have to navigate through uneven terrain and around existing landscaping, both of which may limit the ability to alternate mowing patterns. It is under less-than-ideal conditions such as these where the Honda Mower Twin Blade Advantage sets Honda mowers apart from the competition.

A Honda exclusive, the Twin Blade Advantage utilizes two separate cutting blades specifically designed for Honda’s mowers, creating four separate cutting surfaces. These four surfaces result in twice as many cuts, or “bites,” into the grass when mowing. First, the leading upper blade lifts each blade of grass and provides a major cut. The trailing lower blade then makes a smaller, minor cut on the already lifted blades of grass. The advanced engineering of the Twin Blade Advantage then allows the grass clippings to remain suspended inside the mower’s deck, where they are continually cut into smaller and smaller pieces. This level of superior performance is possible whether mulching or bagging.

For a number of reasons, mulching is a great choice for most homeowners. It helps reduce moisture evaporation and keeps soil temperatures cooler, minimizing the need for supplemental watering. It also reduces the impact of yard waste on our nation’s landfills and returns valuable nutrients back to the lawn, helping to reduce supplemental fertilization requirements by as much as 25 percent. Mulching is not without its challenges however. If allowed to grow too tall or mowed when too wet, a lawn can become difficult to mulch. Under such conditions, the grass blades have a tendency to lie flat, resulting in unsightly clumps and an uneven appearance to the freshly cut lawn. The Honda Mower Twin Blade Advantage overcomes such challenges and provides superior mulching performance as the smaller clippings produced by the twin blades are less prone to clumping and decompose more quickly than larger clippings.

At times, bagging the lawn clippings may be the only option. Perhaps the lawn has been allowed to grow too long. Maybe it rained for several days in a row and the lawn hasn’t had time to dry. Or possibly, fallen leaves covered the lawn. No matter the challenge, the Honda Mower Twin Blade Advantage also provides superior bagging performance. Since smaller clippings require less space and are more compactable, the bagging attachment of Honda’s mowers can hold up to 30 percent more clippings than comparable single-blade mowers. Greater bagging capacity means fewer stops for emptying the bag, saving the homeowner both time and effort.

Honda offers the Twin Blade Advantage® in two unique systems, including the top-of-the-line MicroCut™; and the QuadraCut System®;. MicroCut™ is available on all HRX and HRC mowers. HRX models also offer composite deck construction and a 4-in-1 Versamow System™. The Versamow System allows owners to choose from mulching, bagging, rear discharge, or leaf shredding. The HRX’s exclusive Clip Director™ system also allows for a combination of mulching and bagging, providing customers with the ability to mulch a portion of their grass clippings even in the most severe mowing conditions. The QuadraCut® System is available on all HRR models and includes the twin blade design in combination with a 3-in-1 system with options for mulching, bagging, and rear discharge. By adding additional attachments at a later date, the QuadraCut® System can be expanded to also allow for leaf shredding capabilities. This makes the HRR an ideal solution for budget-conscious consumers who want the ability to capitalize on the Honda Mower Twin Blade Advantage now while still having the option to upgrade their mower in the future.

For homeowners who want a perfect, velvet-smooth cut without the fuss, the Honda Mower Twin Blade Advantage is the answer.

Honda made a commitment to engineer their equipment with the highest standards, to ensure their equipment is durable and provides superior performance. Over time, certain parts will require maintenance or need to be replaced. In order to make sure you purchase genuine Honda mower parts, visit the trusted source for all your Honda mower needs at

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