How to Maintain a Honda WB20T Water Pump

Honda WB20 Water PumpPower equipment can last for many years, and even many decades, if it is properly taken care of and maintained. For the Honda WB20T water pump, this means following the recommended maintenance schedule and regularly checking parts like the air filter, the spark arrester, the spark plug, and many others. Equipment owners will find that their careful maintenance will likely spare them the headaches and expenses associated with emergency repairs. Furthermore, regular maintenance makes the equipment safer and more efficient to use throughout the year. Before getting started, there are a few important things to know about the parts and process required. Continue reading

How to Operate a Honda WX15 Water Pump

Honda Power EquipmentThere are many ways to stay safe when operating a Honda WX15 water pump, but one of the best ways to stay safe from harm is simply understanding how the equipment works and how to operate it in a variety of scenarios. Simply understanding the fundamental nature of water pump controls and ignition can reduce the risk of injury. Of course, there are other ways to reduce this risk as well. Keeping the water pump away from bystanders and pets, operating it in sufficient water with the proper style of hose, and preparing for quick action in an emergency can all help to reduce the risk of injury during use. Continue reading

Honda WX15 Water Pump Service Guide

Honda WX15 Water PumpAs with all types of power equipment, the key to keeping a water pump in working condition over the long-term is to engage in regular maintenance as indicated in the pump’s instruction manual. Regular maintenance covers everything from fuel checks and oil change to cleaning, parts replacement, and more. Importantly, this essential maintenance keeps the engine functioning efficiently, reduces the likelihood of pump and hose problems, and keeps the pump from needing more expensive, professional service at a local Honda dealer. Before getting started, however, there are a few key things to know about the maintenance of this model. Continue reading