How to Operate the Honda WD20 Deluxe Water Pump

honda 20 water pump

Ready to put your Honda WD20 deluxe water pump to work? Here’s everything you need to know about using your pump from setting up the suction hose to stopping the engine.

Pre-Operation Safety:

Never use this pump to move corrosive or flammable liquids. Saltwater, chemical solutions, and caustic liquids should also be avoided to prevent pump damage. Keep the unit at least three feet (one meter) away from buildings to prevent carbon monoxide build-up, and always operate the unit on a level surface.
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Storage and Troubleshooting Tips for a Honda WB20T Water Pump

Honda WB20 Water PumpFew things are more frustrating than a technical disruption while using a Honda water pump like the WB20T. Though built to be highly dependable in all kinds of conditions, Honda’s water pumps can occasionally suffer from minor hiccups that might affect the engine, intake, or other parts of the equipment that are crucial to getting the job done. Luckily for equipment owners, the instruction manual shipped alongside the WB20T water pump provides insight into the causes of common issues, and offers quick solutions that will have most of these problems resolved within just a few moments. Before assuming the worst and dropping the pump off at a local Honda service center, consider these common solutions to water pump issues. Continue reading

Honda Pump Parts and Accessories

Honda EM 4000 GeneratorFew water pumps compare to Honda’s offerings, all of which use the company’s popular four-stroke engines to provide excellent pump performance and long-term power that works in a variety of situation. These pumps, though need to pair their top-notch engine with a number of accessories that help to extend the pump’s usefulness, as well as to help it adapt to a wide variety of environments and unique conditions. From hose kits to camlocks, those who already own a Honda pump should consider some accessories to make it even more viable in everyday use. Continue reading

Honda Water Pump Repair – Troubleshooting Guide

Honda water pumps are excellent, durable water pumps, with a great reputation of reliability. Despite this reputation, once in a while, something goes awry. Whether it’s a faulty part, operator error or a more complex problem, we’ve got you covered. Use the following troubleshooting guide to ascertain if you can fix the problem yourself or if you need a repairman. Use the manufacturer’s operations manual as a guide when embarking on a troubleshooting mission. As always, if you need Honda water pump parts contact

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