Troubleshooting a WX15 Water Pump

Honda WX15 Water PumpHonda’s WX15 water pump is generally a powerful and reliable way to displace water outdoors, but even this reliable water pump can occasionally experience technical issues that might cause operators a few headaches. The good news is that these technical issues, which often affect the engine or pumping mechanism, are easily solved. A few diagnostic steps and adjustments will typically restore the engine’s power and allow the pump to properly move water as needed. Before contacting a local Honda technician, consider a few simple troubleshooting tips that will solve common problems and save a great deal of time in the process. Continue reading

Troubleshooting Tips for a Honda WX10 Water Pump Resource

Honda Water PumpThe Honda WX10 water pump is one of the most compact and durable models on the market, but even this small powerhouse isn’t immune from the occasional ignition problem or technical issue. Luckily, Honda’s instruction manual is full of common problems and their easiest fixes. Before assuming the worst and calling a local service technician to address the problem, make sure to follow basic troubleshooting guidelines that might reveal an easy, at-home repair instead. Continue reading

Operation Guide for a Honda WX10 Water Pump

Honda Water PumpHonda’s compact WX10 water pump is a great addition to any homeowner’s tool shed. The pump makes it easy to leverage the power of a nearby water source, giving homeowners an edge as they water the lawn and maintain plants well away from the home. With an included garden hose attachment and several available accessories, this pump is a great fit for the vast majority of prospective buyers. For those homeowners who have already chosen the WX10, it’s a good idea to review basic operation guidelines that make safe and efficient water pump use just a bit easier. Continue reading

HS928 Snow Thrower Controls and Features

Honda HS928At first glance, those homeowners new to the Honda HS928 snow thrower might find its controls and features at least a little intimidating. That’s understandable, of course, but these controls and features are actually very easy to learn, use, and maintain over time. Each control found on the Honda snow thrower has a specific purpose when it comes time start the equipment, propel it forward, and properly discharge snow. In order to stay safe while using the snow thrower, equipment owners should familiarize themselves with each of these important levers, knobs, grips, and more. Continue reading