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Honda TillerTillers are among the most useful pieces of landscaping equipment that homeowners can own, especially when the first warm days of spring set in and the urge to start planting takes hold. Though initially useful in the spring, the addition of some really convenient accessories ensures that tillers remain one of the most essential pieces of landscaping equipment even as summer weather takes over and more conventional landscaping tasks move to the top of the list each week. Whether it’s preparing the lawn each spring or keeping perfect edges and trims all summer long, these accessories will do the job and save time, money, and space, for homeowners with compatible Honda tiller models.

1. Border Tool / Edger Attachment

Compatible with the Honda FG110 home tiller, the border and edger attachment is specifically designed to give the lawn sharper details and highly defined edges that look great throughout the spring, summer, and fall. The attachment takes the place of the tiller’s tines and features a blade on one side of the tiller. That blade can then dig down into the lawn, navigate easily around flowerbeds, and provide perfectly bordered edges around other landscaping features throughout the lawn. It easily takes the place of a dedicated edger and saves a great deal of money in the process.

2. Deep Digging Tines

Regular tines are perfect for areas that are routinely tilled each year, since the soil tends to be a bit looser and easier to handle overall. For areas with very hard soil, highly compacted dirt, or even patches of weeds and thatched grass, the tines most commonly bundled with Honda tillers might not be able to get the job done quite as well. That’s where the digging tines come in. This unique attachment uses sharper edges to deal with tougher soil, weeds, and more. It’s compatible with the Honda FG110 tiller, and is a great addition to any landscaping equipment collection at the start of the spring season.

3. Aerator

The aerator attachment provides a much-needed early spring service, puncturing holes into compacted soil after a long winter of snow accumulation and compaction. This spares homeowners from purchasing a dedicated aerator, which will conserve both money and storage space over the long-term. Honda’s aerator is an essential way to ensure that nutrients are being delivered to each blade of grass as the weather warms up, and they’re easily compatible with the company’s FG110 and FC600 tiller models. Easy attachment and removal makes them perfect for novice homeowners and those who like their landscaping to be as easy as possible each spring.

4. Dethatcher

One of the largest available attachments for the Honda tiller is the company’s dethatcher, which is used at the beginning of each spring season to awaken and enliven grass that has been compacted, or thatched, by winter snowfall and a virtually required lack of continual maintenance. Thatch represents a serious health risk to the lawn, and can result in brown patches, weeds, and other headaches as summer approaches. The dethatcher attachment from Honda is compatible with the company‚Äôs popular FG110 tiller, and uses a unique design to offer wide dethatching width and efficient operation even in larger lawns.

5. Furrower Kits

One of the keys to great planting is uniformity, ensuring that all seeds are placed into rows of the same width, depth, and soil quality. While tilling the growing area is a key way to make sure that seeds have a nutrient-rich, habitable growing environment, it’s only the beginning of the process. Furrower kits from Honda allow for even better control, creating planting rows that are equally wide and deep, perfectly suited to crops of all kinds. A variety of different available kits means that compatibility is ensured for Honda F220, FC600, and FRC800 tiller models.

6. Side Disc Kit

Compatible with the F220 Honda tiller, side discs keep debris “inside” the tiller, preventing them from being dislodged and thrown into other planting areas or onto live vegetation. This attachment is a key way to protect the integrity and long-term productivity of plants in a home garden.

7. Replacement Tine Kit

Old or dull tines can make garden maintenance a real chore. Replacement tines, available in OEM form for Honda F200 and F210 tillers, ensure that tines are always sharp, free of corrosion, without damage, and ready to get the job done efficiently from start to finish.

8. Pick Tine Rotor

The pick tine rotor is designed to drill holes into the ground every 5.5 inches. With a depth of just under a half-inch, this is a great way to prime newly tilled ground for perfect planting of virtually any crop. The pick tine rotor is compatible with Honda tiller models F200, F210, and F220.

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The great thing about all of Honda’s tiller accessories is that they greatly enhance the long-term value of the tiller. These accessories make it possible to use a tiller for everything from lawn edging to early season dethatching, aerating, and more. Each accessory comes with the same high commitment to quality that has long been associated with the Honda brand, and is perfectly compatible for each rated model. With long-term durability, compact size, and great utility, it’s no wonder so many customers choose when looking for the perfect addition to any of Honda’s popular tiller models.

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