Honda HS1366i Snowblower Maintenance Tips (Part 1 of 2)

Honda HS 724There is perhaps no better way to handle winter’s onslaught of major winter storms and smaller snow events than the Honda HS1366i snowblower. The equipment is compact, powerful, and relatively easy to use. It also requires that its owners conduct regular maintenance to prevent common hassles, from engine problems to clogged intake chutes and more. Before getting started with this equipment, be sure to understand Honda’s recommended service intervals and the types of maintenance that can help to significantly extend the HS1366i’s useful life.

Follow Safety Guidelines When Working on Snowblower Maintenance

Though designed to make life easier, the power contained in most Honda snowblowers can result in serious operator injury if specific safety guidelines aren’t followed at all times during regular maintenance. To avoid injury, always work on the snowblower in an open, ventilated, or outdoor area. Perform all work on a flat and solid surface, and make sure that the snowblower’s engine has had a significant amount of time to cool off if it was recently used. Following these guidelines will reduce the risk of fluid spills, burns, and fires that could damage both the operator and the snowblower itself.

A Look at the Best Tools for the Job

In a show of commitment to operator convenience, Honda has actually bundled its snowblower with a tool kit that contains most of the items needed to check, fix, and maintain the engine and other crucial parts. The tools included in this kit are as follows:

– Several traditional, spark plug, and box-end wrenches
– A convenient tool bag
– A spare fuse
– Blower and auger shear bolts
– Pliers
– Lock nuts, cotter pins, and tubes

With these tools available, operators will find it particularly easy to replace the most easily worn parts with readily available OEM options. This ensures the highest standard of quality, compatibility, and longevity, which buyers have come to expect throughout all of Honda’s landscaping and outdoor maintenance products.

Maintenance Schedule: A Look at Recommended Service Intervals

Honda breaks down its regular maintenance recommendations into several intervals, based on the number of hours that pass between each check or service opportunity. Generally, maintenance requirements are grouped as follows.

– Each Use:

Before each use, equipment owners should check fuel and oil levels, shear bolts, nuts and fasteners, and battery electrolyte levels. The spark plug and track should also be checked and, if necessary, adjusted prior to operation.

– After First Use or 20 Hours

After the first use, and after every 20 hours, the snowblower’s engine oil should be changed. The track, chute cable, auger belt, and ACG belt should be checked and adjusted.

– After 100 Hours

The oil should be changed after 100 hours, and both the fuel tank and fuel filter should be thoroughly cleaned.

– After 300 Hours

Spark plugs require replacement at this time, and operators should be sure to check and adjust the snowblower’s idle speed and valve clearance.

– After 4 Years

After four years of use, the operator should be sure to replace the spark plug and fuel tube. Additionally, the fuel tank and filter should be thoroughly cleaned.

Refueling and Fuel Recommendations

The snowblower’s fuel level should be checked with each use and, if fuel levels are low, the operator should put new fuel into the tank prior to starting the engine. This ensures that the area is cool and not prone to sparking or fires that might damage the equipment and the snowblower’s operator. Honda recommends traditional gasoline be used with this model, with a minimum octane rating of 86. No more than 10 percent of the fuel should be comprised of ethanol. Methanol levels should be limited to 5 percent or less.

Engine Oil Checks and Changes

To check the oil level, remove the oil cap and dipstick. Clean the dipstick thoroughly, and then reinsert it in order to determine the exact amount of engine oil already in the tank. If the oil doesn’t measure satisfactorily, refill the tank with 5W-30 engine oil. This oil is designed to perform well in cold weather situations and is the only one officially recommended for use with the HS1366i by Honda in its owner’s manual.

As with virtually all power equipment options on the market, operators should check the oil level prior to each use. Oil changes should occur within the intervals mentioned earlier, or as recommended by the owner’s manual in its official maintenance schedule. Can Help with Regular Maintenance Concerns

Customers who already own a Honda HS1366i snowblower will find a great resource at With a great collection of OEM Honda replacement parts and intuitive lookup tools, it’s easy to find replacement items for regular maintenance. Better yet, snowblower owners can search by engine model, snowblower model number, or the precise part number needed.

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