Versamow: Solving Common Problems with Mulching Mowers

Versamow: Solving Common Problems with Mulching Mowers
What is Versamow? Honda touts this as a single feature, but it’s really a combination of design elements included on HRX mowers that give them the flexibility to fit any mowing situation. By using a clever chute control and advanced blades, the mower can mulch wet grass and leaves, get more clippings into a bag and even operate in two mowing modes at one time.

Microcut Twin Blade: More Cuts for Better Performance

Instead of making blades with different amounts of lift that have to be swapped out when going between mowing, bagging or discharge, Honda fits their mowers with a pair of blades that work in any situation. While in discharge mode, the leading edges of these blades cut grass twice with each pass, leaving finer clippings. In mulching mode, the vacuum created by the blades blows clippings upward into the mowing chamber to fall back town for another cut.

The added edges cut down clippings faster, letting HRX models mulch grass that would bog down other mowers while creating a very fine mulch that’s quickly digested by microorganisms, returning nutrients to the soil. The dual cutting action also makes for smaller, more compact clippings when bagging, stuffing up to 40% more grass in the bag than competitors’ walk-behind mowers.

Clip Director: Getting the Right Balance

Instead of being stuck in bagging, mulching or discharging modes, the Clip Director lets you vary the amount of grass that is kept inside the mowing chamber for mulching and the amount that is released to the bag or the discharge chute. With 9 positions, you can balance mulching with discharging for the best results.

The lever moves a door on the back side of the deck. In the highest bagging setting, the door is fully open, drawing all the clippings into the bag. Move it to the highest mulching setting, and the door is fully closed, trapping the clippings in the mowing chamber where they’re cut down to size before falling to the ground. Want to discharge clippings? With the bag removed, clippings that go through the door will fall through a chute and end up on the ground.

Having trouble deciding which mode you should use to mow your lawn? If the lawn is too thick or wet to mulch all of it, you can direct some of the clippings out of the deck, mulching the rest. If you want a clean finish without having to bag lots of grass, you can use the Clip Director to divert some grass toward the deck or chute. This lets you leave a small amount of clippings that will blend in with the lawn and cut down on the amount of yard waste you have to dispose of.

The deck is also designed to work with the Clip Director when mulching leaves. Just set it one or two positions away from the full mulch position, and the leaves will be kept in the mowing chamber long enough to be cut down to size before being discharged.

What Else Can I Expect from a Versamow-Equipped Mower?

When clippings come through the door, they fall out of the rear of the deck like a high-end landscaping mower, spreading them out instead of leaving piles as you mow. Since there’s no chute sticking out of the side, the mower is narrower, making it easier to maneuver.
The chute cover stays on the mower, lifting up when you want to install the bag, and the Microcut blades work for all types of mowing. That means you can switch between mulching, bagging and discharging clippings without needing to use tools or install extra parts like a mulch plug.

Get the Performance Your Honda Mower Was Designed For

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Honda HRX Overview

HRX2173HYAPE_IMGLGThe HRX is Honda’s line of top performing mowers, offering all the company’s latest technical advancements including a few industry firsts. What makes these mowers stand out?

Cutting Performance

All HRX mowers use Honda’s MicroCut twin blade cutting system. This design pairs two uniquely shaped blades that sit on top of each other, cutting grass twice in the first pass for smaller clippings when collecting or discharging. When mulching, the dual action chops up grass faster, helping the mower deal with thick and wet grass that would clog other mulching mowers.

These mowers use Honda’s 4-in-1 Versamow System, letting you choose between mulching, bag, or discharge clippings plus a special leaf shredder mode. The bag and deck plug can be attached without tools, and the Clip Director allows clippings to be redirected by moving a single lever, making it easy to switch modes. Continue reading