Honda HRX Overview

HRX2173HYAPE_IMGLGThe HRX is Honda’s line of top performing mowers, offering all the company’s latest technical advancements including a few industry firsts. What makes these mowers stand out?

Cutting Performance

All HRX mowers use Honda’s MicroCut twin blade cutting system. This design pairs two uniquely shaped blades that sit on top of each other, cutting grass twice in the first pass for smaller clippings when collecting or discharging. When mulching, the dual action chops up grass faster, helping the mower deal with thick and wet grass that would clog other mulching mowers.

These mowers use Honda’s 4-in-1 Versamow System, letting you choose between mulching, bag, or discharge clippings plus a special leaf shredder mode. The bag and deck plug can be attached without tools, and the Clip Director allows clippings to be redirected by moving a single lever, making it easy to switch modes. Continue reading

Operation Tips for Honda HRX Mowers

Honda HRXHonda’s HRX mower lineup is a powerful, yet compact, option for today’s homeowners. The equipment’s relatively small size means that it’s easy to store, while it’s capable engine makes this mower series excellent for moderately sized lawns that need regular trimming. As a result of this mower’s blend of performance, power and versatility, the company has branded the HRX its “premium” walk behind mower series for residential buyers. All of this power and performance, however, means that safe operation can only happen when new equipment owners are informed about the basics. This means learning how to turn the mower on and off, how to mow safely, and how to use the mower to produce the most professional-looking lawn possible. For those tips and much more, new Honda HRX mower owners should review the information listed below. Continue reading

Honda HRX Mower Setup Guide

Honda HRXMost people find it hard to get excited about mowing the lawn or getting the weekly landscaping done, but almost everyone loves getting new equipment to help them get the job done even quicker and more easily. That’s certainly what the Honda HRX can do for today’s homeowners, with powerful features under the hood and a comfortable, ergonomic design that makes it a bit less fatiguing to take care of the lawn each week. For those who are just setting up their new Honda HRX mower, however, there are a few things to know and understand so that setup goes quickly and so that the mower is as durable as possible when it’s powered on and ready to go. Continue reading